Men’s Grooming by Compagnie de Provence

Legendary French soap brand; Compagnie de Provence have delved into the men’s grooming sphere with the launch of a line of skincare products targeted just for men.

Their Liquid Marseille soap made by traditional standards in a cauldron and naturally glycerinated, in Marseille has long been a favourite hand soap and or body wash- for both men and women. For those who have tried these soaps, you’ll be able to relate to the quality. For the uninitiated, the collection of scents are superb and the texture along with the end result is like no other.

For their new men’s grooming collection, Compagnie de Provence turned to local ingredients- as you might expect. Lavender for example, an emblematic plant from Provence, often used in the cosmetic industry for its toning, softening and freshening properties. Not so well known but equally effective; Red Algae Extract- extracted from a typical Mediterranean red algae, it is able to form a protective-film and has excellent moisturising properties.

The range consists of a Liquid Marseille soap (for hands), a gently cleansing shower gel, a skin comforting shaving cream, a purifying and smoothing face scrub, a hydrating and comforting after-shave gel and a high quality, soft synthetic shaving brush.

As expected, the fragrance across the range is spot on; an invigorating aromatic with spicy wood notes, created in Grasse. We see top notes of Green Apple, Lemon and Basil. Heart notes of Geranium, Lilly of the Valley and Clove. And base notes of Cedar, Sandal and Amber.

After a couple of weeks use we have genuinely seen more hydrated, softer and more comfortable skin. The new men’s grooming range has certainly benefited from the hydrating expertise of the Compagnie de Provence soaps- making a success of their foray into specifically, men’s skincare.

Men’s Grooming Collection, from £12 by COMPAGNIE DE PROVENCE