Motor Cycles: 8 Of The Most Stylish Electric Bikes

Image Credit: Zooz Urban Ultralight

If you’ve ever considered investing in an electric bike (or eBike), now is the time to take the plunge. With the weather improving, road surfaces drying up and a newfound appreciation for being outside in general, an eBike is an extremely freeing option.

First things first: an eBike is a standard bicycle with an integrated rechargeable battery and motor. The motor allows you to move without pedalling as well as taking some of the strain of pedalling when navigating more strenuous terrain like hills, meaning you should be able to pedal further and longer.

Electric bikes, like conventional bicycles, can come in a variety of types suited for road cycling, gravel/off-road and general leisure or commuting. Here’s our pick of the best on the market.

Zooz Urban Ultralight 250

Zooz Bikes is a ‘cloud-based’ start-up formed by a band of motorcyclists, friends and enablers who set out on the mission to bring two-wheel riding back to what it used to be: fun. And boy have they achieved that with the launch of the Urban Ultralight collection. Available in three almost identical designs – with slight variations in speed, power and price point – our pick of the range is the entry-level Urban Ultralight 250.

This E-BMX is ideal for commuting and traversing busy cityscapes due to its compact nature and lightweight build, weighing in at just 20kg. But come the weekend you can let loose and shred it like a traditional BMX, with the 250w motor only enhancing the thrill and experience.

In terms of design, the Urban Ultralight delivers a huge dose of nostalgia thanks to its chrome frame and classic lines that hark back to the golden age of BMXs. Plus, its unique patented ‘banana seat’ design conceals most of the electronics and leaves enough room for two riders for double the fun.

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Ribble Hybrid AL e

Here at Ape, we’re big fans of Ribble bikes. We love the price points, we love the quality, we love that they’re a bit of an underdog on the bike scene. We even love the valley and surrounding area that they hail from.

So the Hybrid AL e is just another reason to fall in love with the brand. Extremely sturdy, a smooth ride and good looks make it a fantastic commuter option, with the motor providing an added bonus after a tough day working the 9-5.

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Canyon Precede:ON CF 9

With its sleek Blade Runner visuals and automatic motor, this Canyon commuter cycle is a high-end beast of an eBike.

Winner of the German Design Award 2021 and featuring a completely cable-free exterior, integrated lights and an impressive automatic and continually-variable shifting motor system, it will certainly set you back. But its 57mm Schwalbe G-one tyres make it a workhorse that you will get great use out of.

If you’ve got the money, it’s a reliable and extremely comfortable option.

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Specialized S-Works Turbo Creo SL

The first of the fierce-looking road bikes on our list is certainly a sight to behold. A featherweight frame, light and powerful motor and impressive range means it packs a lot into a sporting package – allowing you to go further, faster.

But that’s not all. Connecting the bike to the brand’s mission control app allows for motor tuning, performance recording and battery monitoring too.

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Canyon Grail:ON CF 8 eTap

Canyon’s bullish gravel racer gets the electric boost and the results are impressive. Despite the muscular frame it’s a light eBike with none of the stiffness sacrificed, meaning better performance and better range.

Bosch’s Performance Line CX motor system has plenty of go in it and we’ve even warmed to those trademark double decker handlebars. If you’ve been searching for an adventure bike with electric oomph, look no further.

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Cannondale Topstone Neo Lefty 3


What a machine. That front fork looks like it shouldn’t work but – believe us – it does. If you’ve got the budget and you’re looking for a gravel monster, it’s difficult to choose anything other than this.

Perfectly balanced suspension, a heady burst of torque on the motor and top of the line components make for a masterpiece of an eBike.

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Ampler Curt e-bike

If you’re searching the list for a hybrid eBike, you’ve found it. The dynamic mix of road tyres, comfortable mountain bike handles and a finishing kit that will effortlessly cope with trips to the local shop as well as expansive rides out makes Ampler’s Curt eBike a pleasure to ride.

Super responsive with single speed or gear options as well as handy front and rear Dynamo lights make for the ultimate city all-rounder.

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Brompton Electric


You didn’t think Brompton would miss out on the eBike evolution, did you? The iconic folding bike brand have made sure that their flagship electric bike offers all of the features that make their standard folding cycles so popular.

Same frame, same speedy and surprisingly durable 16-inch wheels, and the same quality incorporated into a neat, practical package.

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