Mountain Bike vs. Road Bike

With the Tour de France returning to British shores and starting in less than a month, summer cycling fever is soon set to grip the nation’s gentleman, once again. However, the perennial purchasing stumbling block still remains. Just which design should you buy… Road Bike or Mountain Bike?

With more models, designs, colours and brands available than ever before, trying to make the decision can be tough. To make things easier we’ve summed up the pros and cons of both styles and given you a bike to choose at the end of it.

Your choice of bike will naturally depend on your own tastes, where you want to cycle, how far and in what weather, but we have picked two British brands of note. Whether you’re an urban commuter, sportive regular or downhill thrill-seeker, we’ve got it covered.

Road Bike


  • Lightweight, comfortable and speedy for long rides on the road
  • Versatility without compromising performance. Bikes are equally comfortable flying along country lanes as dodging potholes
  • Reliability. Road bikes are made from high end and carefully sourced components with a closely controlled manufacturing process


  • Thinner tyres than a mountain bike, making cycling difficult in bad conditions
  • Cannot be used on rough terrain
  • Do not have suspension, making bumps and humps a little more uncomfortable

Mountain Bike


  • Covers hazardous terrain with ease, coping with various riding conditions
  • Built with suspension, cushioning blows and potholes
  • Lower gear ratios, offering an increased range of acceleration


  • Inferior ‘ride’ experience, suspension means that you are unable to feel the road
  • Heavier
  • Slower


Road Bike Recommendation: Eastway RD1.0

£1,999 –

  • High performance carbon road bike
  • Ultimate speed and durability, this brand finally combines a carbon fibre frame with modern disc brakes
  • This bike is lightweight and responsive, meaning that you get a high performance with consistent braking in any conditions
  • It’s super stiff carbon fibre road frame allows for immediate acceleration and speed

Mountain Bike Recommendation: Orange Gyro S

£2,499.99 –

  • This mountain bike is a mile munching, climb conquering all rounder
  • It’s high tech suspension provides balance and reliability that makes the ride all the funner
  • It’s design makes it fast, smooth and efficient over hazardous terrain
  • It’s components allow you to make whatever upgrades you have in store for it

In summary; there’s not really a ‘better or worse’ – it’s all down to which surface you choose to ride. Either way, don’t forget your helmet.