National Vodka Day

The word vodka stems from the Russian word, voda, translating to water. Before the Second World War vodka, rarely consumed outside of Europe, eventually drew many hard liquor fans with its flavourless and versatile appeal.

Vodka, in this day and age, is made from many different things such as beets, potatoes, wheat and sometimes even grapes. Ingredients are not often looked over as relevant so much as it depends on the methods of production.Unlikely to be able to taste the difference, law states vodka is not permitted to have a distinctive taste except for those that have been added in after distillation.

October 4th sees the return of National Vodka Day, whilst the origins of the day are unknown, we’re still choosing to celebrate. Our choice of tipple – Cîroc. Ultra-Premium Vodka crafted exclusively from fine French grapes and distilled five times in the Cognac region delivering an exceptionally smooth experience.

“The passion for joie de vivre which goes into creating Cîroc means it stands alone from other vodkas, making it the ultimate luxury drink. We assess each consignment of Cîroc vodka to ensure it is of world-leading quality before it flies out to take centre stage at the world’s most vivid experiences.” – Cîroc Master Distiller Jean-Sebastien Robicquet

With a family of Cîroc flavours, there’s a vibrant cocktail for all to celebrate the day. Below is a couple of our favourite Cîroc recipes;

Cîroc Scîroco

Ingredients – 60ml Cîroc Vodka, 20ml Sugar Syrup, 60ml Cranberry Juice, Handful of Mint, Dark Grape & Lots of crushed ice

Method – Crush mint leaves in glass to release flavour. Half fill a glass with crushed ice and pour Cîroc and cranberry juice over, top with more crushed ice and garnish with sprig of mint and a grape


Cîroc Blue Stone

Ingredients – 40ml Cîroc Vodka, 20ml Lemon Juice, 10ml Vanilla syrup & Soda water

Method – Shake the Cîroc, lemon and vanilla syrup together and double strain into a chilled glass. Top up with soda and garnish with a dark grape.