New York Fashion Week 2013 Grooming Trends

After analysis of the men’s grooming trends at New York Fashion Week 2013 it’s clear to see 3 popular hair and skin care traits emerge. While the clothing changes from designer to designer, many opt for similar choices in the hair and grooming departments.

Slick Hair

As seen here at Sergio Davila and almost every other show, a carefully slicked-back look is favoured. Davila employs a side parting, this isn’t the case with all the shows – with other such as Y-3 favouring a straight slicked-back option. Either way is equally smart and easily maintained with the following products.

– Kent Brushes 3T Fine and Coarse Teeth Comb $6.50: made of high quality tortoise shell, choose either the fine or coarse ends to carefully achieve the slicked-back or side parting.

– Baxter of California Pomade Soft Water $18: this pomade will ensure your style remains throughout the day. A light to medium hold with a healthy (not greasy) shine will ensue.


Volume or ‘big’ hair has been popular too, a good example was at Todd Snyder who opted for volume on all of his models. It was combined again, with a slicked-back look or side parting. It is easily achieved at home with the right tools.

– Buy or borrow a hair dryer from your girlfriend and use it to generate volume whilst it drys after showering. Use a Kent Brushes Head Hog Brush to comb in volume $10.50 – don’t worry if you haven’t done this before, just experiment.

– Hairspray will help set ‘big’ hair but to deliver that healthy shine and help keep it in place and create volume try Bumble and bumble Styling Creme $25.

– For maximum volume, you may wish to follow your shampoo with a conditioner. Look to Baxter of California and their Daily Moisturising Conditioner, it’s superb and leaves your hair thick, full and healthy.


Matte skin, although always popular was overly evident at Nautica – with some models seemingly sporting a chalk like finish. Hot lights and the pressure of catwalk will ultimate lead to sweat, oil and a shiny complexion. There was also use of eye-liner for men (Guyliner) for a deeper more intense look.

– Opt for an oil free moisturizer to avoid any excess grease and oil, this will make sure skin is healthy and hydrated but not overly oily. Some moisturiser will have sebum (oil) absorbers included to ‘mop up’ excess oil. Oil Free Facial Lotion $27 from Anthony Logistics is an excellent choice – designed to avoid shine.

– In addition and or for those who want shine control throughout the day, look no further than men’s cosmetics brand Menaji and their HDPV Anti-Shine Powder $35. Made for TV professionals it delivers and natural look and absorbs/controls excess oil. Importantly, it’s undetectable. With the pale complexions seen at Nautica I suspect they used a Lighter shade.

– Eye-liner (or Guyliner) was particularly evident at Nautica with the gentleman on the right (picture above) appearing to wear it. My favourite brand is Myego $14 for their manly packaging and high-performance products. A subtle yet effective look.