Norse Projects – 2017 Collections

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Norse Projects are renowned for seamlessly blending streetwear influences with more classical high-end fashion.

With “Created to improve life – Good for all seasons” being their ethos, the new drop stays true to this, innovating in the colours, fabrics, and cuts used while taking inspiration from more traditional pieces.


Their modernistic take on the classic coach jacket is one example of this, using high quality nylon dyed in Italy with vibrant colours influenced by the outdoors.

The sweatpants in this collection are offered in two colourways, sky blue and grey mélange, while the swim shorts can be worn on a trip to the beach, or simply for a sunny day spent chilling in the park.


Overall, this Norse Projects collection is diverse, modern and packed with their very latest designs.

The meteoric rise of Norse Projects from a small Copenhagen boutique to one of the go-to menswear essentials brands has been one of many brands enjoying a surge in the popularity of Scandinavian design over the last few years, with other brands such as A Day’s March gaining traction from Sweden.


Norse Projects tees, sweatpants and accessories are easy to wear garments that can be easily worked into any outfit.

Coming from a brand unconcerned with fleeting trends, this collection presents a clear focus on good-looking menswear that’s easy to wear whenever and wherever you like.


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Jack Lenton

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