[CLOSED] Philips hue Competition

Simply put, Philips hue is a range of smart lighting products – lightbulbs and lighting accessories you can control using your iOS or Android smart device. Using an app, you can get creative with lighting, for example, changing colours of bulbs to up to 16,000,000 different tones; programming lights to mimic sunrise as an alarm clock; synchronising your lights to music, and much more.

We will be fully reviewing Philips hue and Friends of hue shortly, but for now – please read on for details on how to win 1 of 30 Philips hue bundles.

The Competition

One of the most popular features of hue’s app is the way it allows you to recreate any photo on your phone with light using hue’s colour picker. For example, to bring back memories of a stunning sunset from your last holiday to the Greek island of Santorini. Philips is giving you the chance to win a hue starter kit and Friends of hue: LightStrips and LivingColors Bloom. Here’s how to enter…

  1. Send in a picture of your best use of Friends of hue in the home or an image you would like to recreate with light in your home. Depending on whether you already have hue at home, EITHER submit an inspirational photo showing how you currently use Friends of hue at home now OR a colourful / inspirational image which you would like to recreate in your home using light (from Friends of hue).
  2. To accompany an image, submit a comment saying what is special about your image and why you should win.
  3. The competition will take place between 4th and 19th December, with three ‘rounds’ every 5 days. There will be 10 winners every 5 days – so thirty kits to be won.

Enter your photo on Facebook here – http://on.fb.me/1joLueT or upload a photo to Instagram or Twitter with the #hueinspired hashtag.