Ted Dwane & Aberlour

When not busy playing bass in one of the most successful bands of the moment, Mumford & Sons’ Ted Dwane enjoys nothing more then taking time out with his camera and traveling dark room.

At last weeks exhibition A Show Of Faces we discovered Ted’s striking photographs alongside the fine flavours of Aberlour whisky, who hosted an evening alongside Ted to explain his work. Comparisons were drawn between the process of developing an image and distilling a whisky. Short exposure shots, much like young distillations, can reveal little character, whilst longer exposures and mature casks draw out more detail from the subject.

By sampling a selection of young and old distillations of Aberlour our tastebuds discovered the subtle flavours that are enhanced in casks that have been left to mature for longer. Fruit, spices and even woods.

Notable within A Show Of Faces was Ted’s large camera obscura, a device used to capture portraits of visitors to the exhibition. Interviewed during this stage, the resulting images and transcriptions were sorted and presented in the gallery for visitors to explore during their visit.

With the resulting images capturing a depth of character often lacking in digital photography, they made the perfect subjects to ponder over a glass of Aberlour A’bunadh during our visit, one of the distillery’s finest drops.

Whilst the exhibition has now drawn to a close the artisanal blends from the Aberlour distillery are still widely available to all that desire to explore their evocative expressions.