Pioneer – Rayz Plus Earphones

Pioneer have introduced their Rayz and Rayz Plus earphones, blending an iOS app for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with Lightning accessories to deliver experiences not possible through the 3.5mm headphone jack.

The earphones were designed to use Apple’s Lightning audio technology to solve the top challenges that today’s mobile consumers experience on a daily basis. The Rayz Plus model, for instance, is the first and only Lightning headset with an in-line charging node to simultaneously charge the iPhone while the earphones are connected and in use.


Despite its small size, each model contains six microphones, which enable many of the key features of the earphones. For example, Smart Noise Cancellation, a standard feature for both models, scans the user’s ear and optimizes the noise-cancelling performance uniquely to each individual’s ears and environment.


Many noise cancelling technologies are designed for use by frequent flyers, whereas the Rayz technology focuses on everyday life: work and school environments as well as the daily commute. An additional feature in this vein is the HearThru mode, designed to let in just the right amount of outside noise so you can stay in touch with your surroundings without taking your earphones off.


Another feature made possible by the embedded microphones is sensor-less on-ear detection. This earphones know when they are in or out of your ear and automatically pause and restart your content accordingly. If you don’t put the earphones back on, they will automatically enter low power mode to save battery.

Finally, the Rayz companion iOS App enables you to personalize the earphone’s settings, such as adjusting audio EQ. Most importantly, the app allows the earphones to continually improve with the delivery of new features via software updates.


The Rayz and Rayz Plus Earphones, from £109, by PIONEER

Jack Lenton

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