Travelling laws are getting more stringent by the year; the scene of ‘distressed’ holiday makers frantically rooting through their previously perfectly packed luggage has become all to regular. You’re then forced to dispose of nearly new toiletries in the bin, which no doubt some more astute employee at the airport will be making a small fortune from.

Grooming brands are slowly but surely recognising this issue, and are starting to produce travel sized products of their more popular ranges. In recognition of this Ralph Lauren have reproduce a Limited Edition range of their iconic Polo, Polo Blue and Polo Black in a travel-friendly format.

My only complaint is, why are they only limited edition? Unless the travelling laws are due to be relaxed anytime soon (more chance of Gordon Brown being re-elected as Prime Minister) then travel size fragrances need to be here to stay.

Even if it is just in the short-term one thing is certain; Polo(s) to Go have to be up there as some of the must-have travel scents.

Ralph Lauren via AcquireMag