Ralph Lauren: Custom fit polo

‘Detail’ is a somewhat over used term in the sphere that is fashion. Many a brand tend to either under or over use the creative freedom that this pursuit allows. For those that get it wrong, the results can be disastrous, but for the ones who are fortunate – the results can be sublime.

Utilising this to the full effect is Ralph Lauren, within their custom fit process available at Harrods. The client is able to personalise a polo from the brand’s classic fit range – further reinforcing the idea of unique produce.

An expansive array of colour options are available, but what really adds a personal touch is the ability to add initials to the polo of your choice. Available in an acute amount of styles, these can be family name or even that of a friends, a small but personal touch. The process can then be taken a step further with the opportunity to adjust the layout of your design. You are given a number of choices in regards to where the pony sits. Whether you should want a bold contrasted icon on your left breast or a more subtle image on the bottom right, the choice is completely yours.


Anthony Elliott

Anthony is a fashion writer, with a unique eye for style.