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There is no better name in professional haircare than Redken. Mention it to salon owners or those in the know, and you always receive a nod of approval, never a bad word spoken. Founded in New York City in 1960 by hairdresser and chemist Jheri Redding with actress and model Paula Kent, hence the name ‘Red-ken’, the pair carved out a new path in haircare.

Redken’s method dubbed the, “Scientific Approach to Beauty” introduced protein reconditioning and other protein based hair products which revolutionised the professional salon market. By 1993 sales hit $160 million, and in 2007, Redken was named as one of the “Icons of the American Marketplace” together with 256 other American brands (out of 800 nominations).

The brand is cutting edge, at the forefront of haircare technology. This is echoed by their edgy choice of brand ambassadors; Suki Waterhouse and Lea T. And new for the brand is Redken Brews, more on this below.

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Redken Brews

Redken however is predominately a women’s focused brand, despite in 1967 introducing one of the first professional male grooming lines for men, it’s not so well known in men’s. Technically much of the product offering is unisex, and in truth – the neutral colour scheme lends itself to this, but we can’t say it’s a brand men flock too. That’s not to say it isn’t suitable formulation wise but the branding and marketing to men just hasn’t been there. That is until now, and the launch of Redken Brews, a complete destination for style, haircare, skin and beard care solutions. A collection benefitting from nearly 70 years of Redken haircare expertise.



The Collection

Ape have been fortunate enough to try the entire range, and are most impressed. There are cleansers (£12.50) to suit most hair types, including a 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash and a variety of styling products (£13.50);

  • Wax Pomade for mild control and shine
  • Maneuver for medium control and shine
  • Outplay for maximum control and a matte effect
  • Clay Pomade for maximum control and grit
  • Work Hard for medium control and a natural finish
  • Stand Tough for maximum control and shine finish
  • Hairspray for maximum control and a natural finish


Phil Ferne approved, Master Barber at JCK’s Hair Design

Our top picks were the 3-in-1 for convenience and performance, followed by Work Hard for medium control but coupled with a natural looking finish. Depending on your hair styling preference however, there is something for everyone. And crucially, the quality is superb not to mention the decidedly handsome packaging.


Beyond the obvious hair styling products, there is more – a skincare and colour collection. Skincare consists of a superb Shave Cream (£15), protective enough for everyday shaving and a Beard and Skin Oil (£18.50) to soften the beard and skin, for those of you who choose to sport facial hair.

Perhaps most unique to men’s is the Camo Colour (from £5) collection, featuring a variety of colours to blend in grey hairs. We’ve seen this in action and it works superbly well. Forget what you think about existing male hair colouring products such as Just for Men, this is new, stylish and works. A fuss-free five-minute colour service designed specifically for men – it’s an easy, quick colour solution.




The resurgence of barbering and specialised hair services for men is booming, and why not. As we’ve always preached – optimise your haircare routine with not only the best products but also the most appropriate for your hair. Redken Brews remains true to its salon only roots and it’s a good thing – get expert advice from your trained barber to ensure you get the right haircut, and the right product to suit your needs. The term salon professional exists for a reason.

Redken Brews, available now at MANKIND

Chris Beastall

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