R.M.Williams, the Australian clothing, boots, shoes and accessories brand have earned a reputation for combining quality materials with fine craftsmanship to create authentic, hand-crafted boots, saddlery and other garments for the modern gentleman.

Since being founded in 1932, R.M.Williams has been inspired by the vast Australian outback and those who inhabit it. R.M.Williams strongly focus on the quality and durability of their products, specifically designed with intense attention to detail to endure the harsh conditions of the Australian bush.

This iconic brand began with a six-pence advert for its ‘Elastic Side Boots’, a style made from only one piece of leather with elastic sides and stitched together with waxed thread; creating a strong, durable, comfortable riding boot that’s lasted through the ages. Whilst they may have been designed for the Australian outback, these timeless classics can now be seen on city streets across the world as well as other styles including boat shoes, lace-up rigger boots and a driving-shoe.

Specifically designed with the practically of the bushmen in the Australian outback in mind, R.M.Williams have created staple wardrobe pieces including: hand-plaited belts, canvas carryalls and Akubra hats.