Rolls-Royce Metropolitan Collection

City skylines are constantly evolving and the silhouettes of the latest architectural advancements represent as much the technological proficiency of those who design and build them, as they do the economical successes that allow them to evolve. Looking to these landscapes for inspiration, Rolls-Royce introduce the Phantom Metropolitan, the latest in a line of remarkable bespoke creations from the esteemed motor car manufacturer.


With only 20 Metropolitans available to commission, the unique attributes of the car perfectly encompass the urban inspiration behind the collection through a series of meticulous handcrafted details. Choosing a hue of Darkest Tungsten the exterior colour reflects the palette of the modern city and a subtle hand-applied coachline depicting a city skyline starts the discovery of these motifs before entering the car.


Inside, a specially developed Aetherious Grey leather tone continues the theme and is complimented throughout with 6,200 two-tone stitching depicting an abstract skyscraper upon each seat. For those Metropolitans that will ship abroad, a unique rotating bezel in the central console depicts the names of 24 cities of the world along with their corresponding time zones.


The highlight to the interior comes via a number of pieces of handcrafted marquetry; a technique of layering wood veneers to create ornate designs. To create the architectural views that adorn the central console and passenger picnic tables around 500 veneers will have to be hand-cut then shaded using a traditional hot-sand method to create finer details. After they are laid, again by hand, a final scrutiny under magnification on a light box ensures these elaborate and ornate designs are completed to perfection.


The Phantom Metropolitan is an exceptional display of the craft utilized in Rolls-Royce’s Bespoke customizations, showcasing the quality and scope of personalization available to their clients. Perfectly attuned to the landscape of the city it makes the ideal vehicle for transportation around any international cityscape and a perfect example of the ongoing pursuit of excellence the company strives for in their designs.