Rory McIlroy and Jason Day x Nike AeroReact Polo Shirt

Nike Golf has taken their focus on style and performance to a new level with the AeroReact polo shirt. Rory McIlroy, who wore the shirt in the recent Open, spoke about the AeroReact at an event for Nike’s smart technology.

The shirt uses adaptive fibres which react to heat and moisture, opening for breathability as temperatures rise and closing as they cool down, keeping the user’s body at an optimal heat in all conditions.


“Nike’s AeroReact polos served me really well over the weekend and certainly helped me keep my cool throughout the tournament. I’ve loved Nike since I was a kid and am consistently blown away by their innovation and technology.  I mean a shirt that has the ability to keep you both cool and warm depending on the weather? Come on.” – Rory McIlroy


Aeroreact technology was first introduced in golf in January of this year after success in other sports such as running and tennis.

Australian PGA Tour member Jason Day was the first athlete to wear the shirt on the golf course but since then, many other athletes have donned it.


“Being the first to wear the Italian Polo has been a real honour. Since signing in January, I’ve been overwhelmed by the forward thinking from Nike, the style and performance elements of their polos have really helped to elevate the sport of golf.” – Jason Day


McIlroy and Day were taking part in an event hosted by Nike at The Greenwich Peninsula Golf Range that saw the pair go head to head in golf based challenges with their teams.

The AeroReact polo golf shirt, by NIKE

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