Salvatore Ferragamo ‘Walking Stories’

Italian luxury goods company; Salvatore Ferragamo have created a romantic comedy series directed by Gianluca Guadagnino (Melissa P, I am Love) dubbed ‘Walking Stories’ starring Kaya Scodelario, Tom Ellis and the iconic Lauren Hutton.

The series highlights a life changing love adventure across three cities, each of which have a particular significance for Ferragamo. Los Angeles where Ferragamo become known as the shoemaker to the stars, Shanghai where the future of the brand lies and Florence, the shoemakers home.

  • Los Angeles – Where Salvatore’s talent flourished and the legend of the “shoemaker to the stars” began.
  • Shanghai – The epitome of the future, where new perspectives are constantly devised by relentless events.
  • Florence – our origin, guided by deep and complex affinities.

The movie is a witty and original story recounting Ferragamo’s brand values in an effective and innovative way. The 21 minute story will be divided in 8 episodes, to be released biweekly with the first episode going live on now.