Men’s Style Staple: The White Shirt with Budd

Men are not complex fellows. We dress in ways that don’t require too much thought and we know what we like and will, typically fill our wardrobes, with said items. One such style staple is unequivocally that of white shirts and, though its not the most exciting of fashion items, it is definitely one of the most pivotal. Most men will typically wear white shirts a couple of times a week at least and it therefore stands to reason that, if you’re going to wear an item with such frequency, it really ought be comfortable. Enter Budd Shirts.

Tailoring is an art form that is central to the fashion industry but it is one that has taken a back seat in recent years for many men because of the number of retailers on the high street offering less quality but higher quantity clothing items than you will find in a refined tailors. Well, Budd Shirtmakers know exactly how to make a finely tailored shirt and their materials are sourced from throughout Europe before being crafted by hand in the UK. If you’re after a few top of the range white shirts for your wardrobe, a trip to this Piccadilly Arcade based tailor is definitely the call of the day. And, if you’re really wanting to push the sartorial boat a good old distance out, then you’ll probably want to partake in their bespoke tailoring service.

The main draw of white shirts for most men is the universal appeal of the piece and how exceptionally versatile a white shirt can be. Truth be told, there are very few scenarios in which today’s dapper gent can find himself whereby a white shirt wouldn’t be a suitable piece of attire. Anyone can wear any old white shirt but, if you want to be a cut above (in both a literal and metaphorical sense) then you’re going to want to drape yourself in something of quality.

With a few white Budd shirts lining up in their sartorial magnificence in your wardrobe, you’ll always find that you’re capable of dressing in a refined manner no matter the occasion in which you engaging. A day in the office – white shirt. A day at the horse races, white shirt. Wedding – well, you get the picture. A white shirt is a man’s best friend but be sure to treat your body well with a finely tailored variety and not a lesser entity from a high street chain.