The quest for the perfect white t-shirt is seemingly never-ending. A wardrobe staple, a classic- every man should own one. Where do you turn? There some excellent offerings- Sunspel for example. However, making it’s way to the forefront of your decision making is Schooner.

Born in East London, Schooner’s first offering is the classic all-white t-shirt as part of their essential wardrobe classics but made better. Not only this but Schooner gets better with their unique selling point- that 20% of of the sale price is donated to War Child, a charity that works to help vulnerable children in war-torn countries.

Made from 100% premium organic cotton, the t-shirts arrive in fully recyclable packaging. Each crewneck t-shirt is adorned with a small, subtle Schooner print by the bottom lining on the back. The t-shirt itself is ultra-soft, with a perfect amount of stretch- it’s perfect for smart or casual wear.

Schooner is available online and delivers globally. T-shirts retail for £11.