Summer. It’s pretty warm at the moment and with higher temperatures still on the horizon, keeping fresh this summer may be a difficult task. To begin with, make sure you have a reliable anti-perspirant (as opposed to deodorant) and keep your summer scent  topped up while on the move. This doesn’t mean you bathe from head to toe in your scent of choice, simply stick to the normal application rules (i.e. spray your pulse points), but repeat the process throughout the day. Increased perspiring in Summer can wash away your fragrance leaving you vulnerable to the faint odour of dried sweat. Not ideal.

While you can’t always carry you favourite bottle around with you, atomisers provide a portable solution to keep you smelling fresh throughout the day. German company sen7 have developed a range of stylish atomisers that are not only discreet but licensed for passenger hand luggage. The sen7 fragrance atomiser has an easy to fill tank with a volume of 5.8 ml. That equates to approximately 70 sprays, and is enough for one to two weeks or longer, depending on the frequency of use.

The black and silver colourways stood out to me at first glance, but they have many other colour options available. If you are feeling particularly adventurous you can switch the lid and base to make your own unique sen7 or to help you identify which scent to put in your briefcase.