Ski season is upon us. Pack your long johns and grab your boards, skis and sledges and head to the mountains to get your first taste of Winter 2013. Whether you’re having a taste of the high life in Courchevel or getting some serious off piste action in The Vallee Blanche, make sure to protect your skin.

Whilst most holidaymakers heading to popular sun destinations are aware of the need to wear protection against UV rays, the same cannot be said of those heading to the ski slopes. The British Skin Foundation has recently voiced concern on the number of skiers that are unaware of the high risk of sun burn when in the dizzying heights of the snow covered mountains.


Choose a sunscreen which offers a high sun protection factor – SPF 50 ideally. Apply to your face in the morning before hitting the slopes for all day protection, and to avoid red skin around your ski goggles – never a great look.


Recommended: Sun Bum SPF 50 Original Sunscreen Lotion, $10 – This moisturizing sunscreen formula will protect your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays while enriching your skin with Vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps to neutralize free radicals, which are the main cause of premature skin aging, and it’s also small and easy to take out onto the slopes with you.


Cold, dry air and biting winds – like the weather found at ski resorts, will sap the skin of essential moisture. Off the slopes and into the moisture sapping air of central heating will have a similar effect. The key is to hydrate twice daily or at least before bed with an intensive moisturiser – think of it as skin food.


Recommended: Polaar Genuine Lapland Cream Face And Sensitive Areas, $21 – This helpful universal skincare product protects and repairs the skin from cold, dryness, the wind and the sun, concentrated from 3 arctic berries to make use of their natural antioxidants.

Lip Balm


Recommended: Keep your lips smooth and soft with the Anthony skincare for men Mint And White Tea Lip Balm, £8. Formulated with SPF 25 to protect the delicate skin on your lips from the sun’s harmful UV rays, the lip balm is formulated with resveratrol to nourish lips, whilst stevia will freshen your breath.