Shiseido Hydro Master Gel x Kevin Rolland

To coincide with Shiseido’s launch of its new Hydro Master Gel, the Japanese brand has partnered with world-class skier Kevin Rolland- an award-winning freestyle skier who naturally spends a lot of his time in extreme conditions.


You might not be a professional skier but today’s modern gentleman experiences plenty of environmental stressors and as a result, skin may react adversely, with dryness, excessive sebum production or unhealthy pores- especially with increasing age. The Shiseido Hydro Master Gel has the ability to combat these skin stressors- designed to manage and resolve these skin concerns by providing high moisture retention effects that the skin can then control on its own leaving refreshed, fully hydrated skin. Ape spoke to Kevin, to get an insight into his exhilarating career and to divulge his top skincare tips.

How old were you when you started freestyle ski? When did you decide to do it professionally?

I started freestyle skiing at the age of 12 and I knew immediately that I wanted to make it my profession and become the best in this sport. I did not leave myself any options in fact, once my decision was made, that was my only goal.

When did you take part in your first competition?

I started very early on. I enrolled in my very first competition when I was 13. It was hard for me because I already wanted to beat all the others but I quickly had to accept that some competitors were better than me at the time. So I worked relentlessly, convinced that my number one asset was my love of skiing. This intensive training has never been a constraint for me, quite the opposite actually.

What is the best memory of your career?

The best moment of my career is probably the day I won the Winter X Games for the first time in 2010. It is the ultimate extreme sports event. When I was little, I would get up at night to watch and follow the competition! I dreamt of winning it, and the dream came true that year. I measure the good fortune I have to have been able to realise my dream. That day, everything seemed unreal, I was on another planet.

What does the collaboration with Shiseido mean to you?

It is a real honour for me to have been chosen by Shiseido as ambassador for the men’s range. For me, Shiseido is a prestigious brand that represents values of excellence that are dear to me.

What convinced you to be a Shiseido ambassador?

When the team talked of freedom, balance, purity, energy, technicity and surpassing yourself, I was immediately seduced. It is a real comfort to be the ambassador of a brand and a product that convey your own values!

How did you discover Shiseido?

I got to know Shiseido during my trips to Japan where the brand is omnipresent. I realised when I came back that I was already using Shiseido products, because my girlfriend uses a lot of the brand’s products and I had sometimes helped myself to her creams (without her knowing of course).

As an athlete, how do you feel about being a Shiseido ambassador?

I know Japan quite well and I have some wonderful memories from my times there. In fact, the first time I became world champion was in Japan. So being the ambassador of a great Japanese house is very symbolic for me.

Does this collaboration have an impact on your personal life?

It’s all very new to me! It does not alter my daily life, but I think that it is fortunate for me to be able to share my passion with more people, because thanks to this collaboration I am exposed to a larger audience today. It might spark off a new passion for freestyle skiing in men who were not familiar with this sport up to now, at least I hope so!


Do you take care of your skin every day?

I try to, but with a very busy schedule, it’s not always easy. However, the Shiseido team introduced me to several products that I love now: the Shiseido Men Cleansing Foam that I use before applying Hydro Master Gel, and the Shiseido Men Total Revitalizer Eye which is really great when you look a bit tired.

Can you tell us a bit more about Hydro Master Gel?

First of all, I like its texture and its fragrance. But above all, I really appreciate the hydration and comfort it provides. After a long day of skiing and being exposed to the sun and the cold, applying Hydro Master Gel procures a sensation of relief and gives my skin a real boost of energy. Besides, I see the parallel with me in this product’s characteristics, which are precision and technique.

The sport you practice forces you to be exposed to sunlight, and its impact is multiplied by the snow and the ice. How do you deal with it?

I’ve always applied sun cream to protect my skin, but it’s true that I did not systematically think of moisturising my skin morning and evening to prevent irritations. The really light and non-sticky texture of Hydro Master Gel can be applied quickly, so I don’t get the feeling of wasting time.

What are your projects?

My next challenge is to become an Olympic champion. Up to now, I’ve won all the competitions in my discipline except the Olympic Games where I only got the bronze medal in Sochi in 2014. Now, I’m aiming for the gold medal.

Hydro Master Gel is available from John Lewis priced £28.