Sons of London

London based men’s shoe brand, Sons of London, has launched  its new men’s shoe collection, combining luxury footwear with affordable prices.

The range consists of five different styles; the Cap Toe Oxford, the Semi Brogue, the Double Monk, the Chelsea boot which Ape to Gentleman invested in (pictured above) and the Strap boot all sourced from the brands Italian makers. Each pair of Sons combines classic design, fine craftsmanship and high quality materials to create affordable, high fashion shoes.

_K5M7904_V2 copy.jpg

Each Son is created from full-grain Tuscan leather and hand sculpted by artisans in Italy’s Le Marche region. It takes 150 different creative steps and a team of 16 master craftspeople to produce each pair in a second-generation family-owned factory.

_K5M8405_V4 copy.jpg

Sons of London was born out of dedication to produce a timeless range of luxury men’s shoes, made from the finest Italian craftsmanship and inspired by modern London style all with an affordable price tag.

By cutting out unnecessary retail model costs, Sons of London are able to directly pass savings to its customers, offering more where it really counts; in design, craft and quality. Because of this ethos, each style is priced between £180 and £200, only a fraction of the price of its competitors.

We must confirm that the Chelsea boots we have pictured above really are great quality and at an affordadable price point they are set to become a choice option in the Ape to Gentleman shoe closet.