Oliver Sweeney x Billam

It’s only been a year since they bought out their first demin jeans collection, but in light of it’s success, Oliver Sweeney are now teaming up with Billam Jeans, to release a strictly limited range of black Selvedge jeans named ‘Parker Black’.


The straight leg style jeans are made from a rare 12.25oz black selvedge denim with a white line selvedge and only 30 pairs are to be produced for sale. They’re formed using a classic 1940’s Union Special 43200G Hemming machine which manipulates the hem to create a unique fade over time.


Much like Sweeney’s use of antiqued leathers on their shoes, this method gives them an authentic and classic feel but with a modern twist.


There’s no doubt that both Sweeney and Billam Jeans are two companies dedicated to producing high quality, authentic products and at £179 a pair, we expect nothing less.


However, a good pair of denim jeans are a necessity to every wardrobe and this pair come with the name of not one, but two high end brands, so this may be an investment worth making.