Undandy Footwear

New to the UK is Undandy where customers can design their own shoes online and have them delivered in two weeks. Normally Ape to Gentleman would advise readers to purchase footwear from one of the traditional shoemakers but in fairness to Undandy their offering is a good one.

Customers can create their unique shoe design in five simple steps on the Undandy.com website using a variety of fabrics, leathers and colour palettes. Style wise there is a good selection from monkstraps to loafers, brogues, boots or sneakers- all of which are handmade in Portugal by some of the best shoemakers in the world, and even better- delivered free of charge to customers in Europe and the US.


Personalisation is at the heart of the Undandy brand, and as you will see on their website, some of the shoe designs are truly unique but you can also choose from a ‘generic’ ready-to-wear collection, or use it as a basis for your own bespoke designs. This means that with prices starting from £170 you can almost certainly get a pair of shoes to match your taste- be it bright pink (not sure that’s a real option) or our preference- a classic oxford, the choice really is yours.


It’s worth noting that the quality of the shoes we ordered (a brown oxford) was remarkably good, as was Undandy’s customer service.