Spencer Hart: Spring/Summer 13

British designer Spencer Hart has long had a lasting affair with music, so it only seems right that this art form be the inspiration for his Spring/Summer show. Surrounded by the industrial pastings of the Old Selfridges Hotel, Mr Hart delivered a range of sartorially  powered looks paying homage to the Latin/Jazz fusion scene in London.

With a colour pallet of soft greys and blacks, the emphasis was placed very heavily on the fabric, cut and texture of the garments. Using a lightweight open weave fabric the house displayed a range of single and double breasted suiting – combined with a menswear staple…the white shirt. These sat very closely to lightweight cashmeres and smooth silks creating an exuberance of luxury.

This minimalistic offering harnessed the brands power to excel in the most simple of ways. Shirts where given cutaway collars, and blazers had the addition contrasting patches. Within the formalities of the show lay surprise inclusions of Spencer Hart’s loungewear – modeled by famous clients alike – these features were bold but not arrogant; merely demonstrating the wealth of talent designer Nick Hart has at his disposal.

Anthony Elliott

Anthony is a fashion writer, with a unique eye for style.