Meet The Man Who Will Help You Defeat Your Hair Loss

Are you dealing with a hair loss problem but keep banging your poor, balding head into a proverbial brick wall trying to figure out what to do about it? Let us introduce you to a gentleman who’s already walked this path long before you – and lived to tell the tale. A man who, from having done the hard yards himself, has the deep knowledge and experience and a vast network of contacts to set you on the right path. He’s suffered for you. And while he’s not the Messiah, he has indeed bled for the sins of dodgy operators and amassed a number of followers around the world due to his straight-talking, been-there-done-that approach.

His name is Spencer Stevenson – otherwise known as “SpexHair” – and he has the battle scars to prove his credibility.

If you’re dealing with hair loss, Spex is the man you should turn to. His life’s work has been devoted to improving patient rights and ethical standards in a hair loss industry that’s well overdue reform. One conversation with him and you’ll quickly go from a hapless, perhaps hopeless, balding man to an optimistic, even excited one, with a vast array of options before you.

He’s got energy and passion to burn and works tirelessly against all the noise created by the charlatans and snake oil salesmen of the industry, allowing would-be patients to get the help they need and rightfully deserve.

He’s Gone Through It So You Don’t Have To

Spencer undergoing numbing prior to an FUE hair transplant

Spencer has endured 13 (yes, thirteen) hair transplant surgeries. The good news is that you don’t have to. Unfortunately for him, there was no SpexHair to turn to when he first started losing his hair. Two decades ago, after being unable to look in the mirror at his rapidly receding hairline, Spencer explored more treatments and solutions than he can rattle off in a single meeting. Among them were wigs, supplements, hair loss shampoos, natural (and sometimes horrendous) therapies and, of course, hair transplants.

Sadly, his first surgery was a disaster, which led to a long and winding journey as a repair patient – complete with all its disappointments, expense and pain.

Fortunately, Spex’s story is as triumphant as it is unique. He turned his tragedy and hardship into a positive. After going through what was at times excruciating mental torture, he has dedicated his life to protecting and serving others so those in similar situations don’t have to suffer like he did.

Spencer undergoing an FUE hair transplant

Bravely speaking out about what he’d been through and was continuing to endure, long before the likes of Wayne Rooney took the subject mainstream, Spex’s story has been picked up countless times by the media. Over the years, the exposure he’s received has helped thousands of people worldwide, from the everyday guy in his twenties experiencing early male pattern baldness to A-list celebrities who are judged everyday on their looks.

His aim is to help break down social stigmas surrounding hair loss and hair transplants by being so open and honest; providing people with the cold hard facts so they can make an informed decision.

A Guide For Hair Loss Sufferers Around The World

Spencer quickly built his personal profile off the back of his media coverage and today he is a guiding light to so many in an industry that’s designed to deceive the vulnerable. Over the years he has built such a credible persona – backed up by his own experiences, exhaustive research, visits to meet hair transplant surgeons the world over and public appearances – that he’s regularly quoted in the press and often called on by journalists for his expertise. On any given day, you may see him featured in The Telegraph, Huffington Post, BBC, GQ and numerous hair loss blogs. Not to mention being our very own in-house advocate here at Ape.

Outside of his media work, via his own platform,, Spencer is able to conduct an open dialogue with hair loss sufferers, many of whom are years into their confusing journey and others who, by sheer good fortune, find him before they are suckered in by social media ads peddling dangerous, low-cost surgery.

The support and advice he offers is unprecedented, available for free and constantly updated as news breaks, techniques and products are developed and the industry evolves.

An Influencer Before It Was A Buzz Term

Thanks to his back story and through the tireless work he does every single day to support, protect and serve those dealing with hair loss, SpexHair is a true influencer in his field. People trust him implicitly because he’s always visible, striving to do the right thing and challenging others to do the same. He won’t stand for rip-off merchants and glitzy, glamorous “medical tourism”. He’s a firm believer in “you get what you pay for” – and in the case of hair transplants, getting what you pay for means emerging from surgery with your scalp, your wallet and your sanity intact.

Among the millions of pieces of information out there surrounding hair loss treatments, Spex reckons he’s seen and heard it all. Through his own efforts, he aims to help consumers cut through the clutter and access only the most current, correct, legitimate and credible material. It’s what led to his “guru” status today and what spurs him on every morning when he wakes up.

Despite what marketers would have you believe, being an influencer doesn’t just mean having hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram. Spex is serious about his leadership and feels the weight of responsibility on his shoulders. Meanwhile, consumers aren’t the only ones taking note of whatever he says. Dozens of hair transplant surgeons across the world choose Spencer to represent and work in association with their practices, such is his credibility and trustworthiness.

A personal deal-breaker, Spencer will not work with any surgeons that have not applied and been admitted to the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS). Conversely, practices can state that they work with SpexHair, a third-party trusted authority whose intentions are 100% pure. After all, Spencer only works in association and endorses doctors, hair loss products, brands and services that he feels are in the patient’s best interests – conforming to his quality, ethics and legitimacy standards – based on his vast experience in the field.

When your health and wellbeing – physical and mental – are at stake, you want a guy like Spex in your corner. If it’s facts you’re looking for; if you need solid advice and empathetic support; if you’re sick of getting the runaround and fed up with feeling confused and lost, you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to him at SpexHair.

Further Resources For You To Explore

When researching a hair transplant doctor or a clinic, the following resources can really help with your information-gathering process. Remember: you can never do too much research.

The Bald Truth: SpexHair regularly collaborates with Spencer Kobren on The Bald Truth, a weekly hair loss radio show that discusses hair transplants, hair restoration and all available hair loss options. It has been on the air for more than 20 years and amassed a loyal, grateful following. It’s not a sales platform; it purely exists to hold the hair loss industry to account and to act as a credible resource for hair loss patients and other men’s lifestyle topics.

Bald Truth Talk: A public forum from the guys behind The Bald Truth where you can interact and explore a vast library of information safely without any of the bias or agenda-pushing you find on many other forums.

Industry Associations: IAHRS (International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons) and AHLA (American Hair Loss Association).

Global Hair Loss Summit 2020 (GHLS2020): A virtual conference being held in September, which is the first of its kind for the industry. Leading hair surgeons, industry influencers and hair restoration companies have combined forces and are coming together to share their expertise while helping educate many new surgeons in the field on a scale that has never been seen before.