5 Stone Island Pieces You Need In Your Wardrobe For 2022

The recent Paris Fashion Week – as well as Milan and London’s respective showcases at the start of autumn – has made it crystal clear: 2022 is going to be the year when the fashion industry regains its place in our life, both financially and symbolically. The restarting of these international showcases has put leading fashion houses front and centre again, restoring their place within the global hierarchy. Nevertheless, a not insignificant number of new brands, as well as young, uprising designers, also used the occasion to impose themselves on one of the most prestigious and challenging stages, without looking like an underdog out of its place.

Amongst them, Stone Island – which is not exactly ‘new’: though it was founded in 1983, it has a long-standing tailoring tradition that dates back to the middle of the 19th century – stands out as one of the most convincing and unconventional. Its classic, restrained aesthetic makes its products different from any other brand; the rejection of any showiness, to the benefit of unwavering sobriety, makes the Italian label something unique in the fashion industry.

The brand’s aim for 2022 is obvious: consolidate its position within the international market. This starts with its upcoming spring/summer line, which aims to reposition a brand that has long been synonymous with cold-weather dressing. And Stone Island has clearly risen to the challenge. Today we showcase five highly recommended items from its new warm-weather collection; one key piece for each season plus a utility piece able to be worn at any time of the year.

Spring Key Piece: Sweater

Stone Island has a wealth of experience with the humble sweater: along with its iconic jackets, it could be considered its ‘signature garment’. The standout feature of the brand’s sweater is the centre zip that runs the full length of the forefront, allowing you to completely open the garment, turning it into a makeshift jacket. Ideal for fluctuating spring temperatures.

As usual, Stone Island is not renowned for kaleidoscopic hues; despite that, its sweaters stand out for their elegance, while remaining a casual garment at heart. It’s this innate versatility that allows them to adapt effortlessly to the occasion, whether you’re teaming it with jeans and sneakers at the weekend or slim-fitting trousers and Chelsea boots for drinks in the evening.

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Summer Key Piece: Swim Shorts

Spotting a Stone Island garment on the beach in summertime is a rare event. But this looks set to change in 2022 with the launch of the new Stone Island swimwear collection.

The swim shorts are the highlight of the range, offering comfort and elegance in equal measure. Design to be worn both on the shore and in the water, they offer the perfect balance between fit and practicality – making them a dream for all those who love swimming, surfing and other water sports.

This is particularly important considering that many brands who strive to produce true beach-to-bar swim shorts often fall down when it comes to functionality in the water: they look great when you’re poolside or strolling along the boardwalk, but when they have to deal with actual swim sessions they feel uncomfortable and awkward. This is a distant memory thanks to Stone Island, which has used its technical prowess and fabric expertise to solve the issue once and for all. The new standard.

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Autumn Key Piece: Hats

Stone Island does a small but interesting line of headgear, with a hat style to suit every face shape and personality. There are classic six-panel caps for casual dressers and streetwear fanatics. Bucket hats for those who want something a little less sporty, more dapper. And finally, beanies for those that prioritise warmth and prefer a more rugged, workwear aesthetic. Each makes for the ultimate companion during the colder months of the year, allowing you to add a little personality to your outfits while providing some much-needed protection against the elements.

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Winter Key Piece: Hooded Jackets

If you’re searching for a winter jacket that offers protection against the coldest temperatures, look no further. Stone Island’s hooded jackets are crafted specifically to thermally isolate you from the elements. Their multi-tissue texture, made of several different layers, ensures optimal insulation while remaining entirely breathable, allowing sweat to dissipate without letting cold air penetrate. The end result? You feel warm yet comfortable, no matter the weather.

But what really makes a difference is the hood: smooth, velvety and soft, it’s the ideal replacement – or upgrade – for your autumn cap or hat.

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All Seasons Key Piece: T-shirt

The humble T-shirt is often overlooked; something thrown on without any thought or consideration. But this most trivial garment has the power to make or break any outfit.

Stone Island T-shirts are the ultimate upgrade to your basics collection. Perfectly cut from 100% cotton and featuring the Italian brand’s iconic logo to the chest, they will complement everything in your wardrobe and bring real fashion clout to any look, whether you’re using it as a layering piece in autumn or winter, or focal point when paired with shorts in the summer. A must-have piece in any man’s year-round rotation.

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