Sven Cycles Custom Bikes

Dorset’s Sven Cycles draw inspiration from a wide array of sources to manufacture reliable bikes for riders who care about quality.

Old-school mountain bikes, the French constructeurs, and the great British frame building tradition are all influences behind the brand’s designs, enabling them to create a diverse range of machines.

_b4a3249 Sven Cycles allows customers to modify any bike from their collection of handmade cycles in order to dissemble and assemble easily, giving riders the perfect method to travel around the globe with their bicycle in an easy, fuss free way.

The bike comes in two options; a sturdy hard case or a practical backpack for ease of travelling for months at a time, and all cases are within airline standards so that customers do not incur extra baggage charges.


The weight of each bike is dependant to what sort of bike the customer choses to ride, but this can vary between 17lb to 25lb.

Whether it’s a bike for everyday use, a sleek and quick road racer, or a tourer capable of crossing continents, every cycle is made by craftsmen with a distinctly British sense of pride in its construction and assembly.


Using the best materials and equipped with the most practical components, Sven’s frames are intended to bring many years of use to their owners, and are designed to be a valued part of your riding life, rather than just another pushbike.


Custom bicycles, from £2,500, by SVEN CYCLES

Jack Lenton

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