It was 1875 when Henry Creed created Private Collection Tabarome; a smoky scent which blends notes of ginger, bergamot, tangerine, lemon, green tea, sandalwood, patchouli and Cuban tobacco, to create a masculine scent reminiscent of the times where cigars in Gentleman’s Clubs were seemingly mandatory. Unfortunately the days of this scent are numbered due to dwindling supplies of the ‘heart’ of the fragrance. Admirably rather than do injustice to a classic, the Creed family have decided to stop production of Vintage Tabarome.

“The quantity and quality of natural ingredients available to make Vintage Tabarome no longer meet the standards of the Creed family. Speaking recently from France, the family said that rather than use ’substitute’ ingredients yielding an inferior result, they would stop all production of Vintage Tabarome with no plans to resume.”

In response to numerous requests, Thomas Saujet, President of Creed North America, will be making 50 bottles of his own personal supply of the very rare Vintage Tabarome available for Creed’s impassioned following to own a exclusive piece of Creed history. The final 50 bottles of Vintage Tabarome can be bought at Creed’s store on 794 Madison Avenue in New York City and online. Each bottle costs $405 and is wrapped in caramel Italian leather embossed with the Creed crest, featuring Creed’s Paris address etched on its lid.