The Truth About Caffeine

  • Photography: Chris Beastall, Editor at Ape to Gentleman
  • Coffee: Sidamo Sasaba, Ethiopia by Climpson & Sons for MR PORTER
  • Brewed using a H.A.N.D Copper-Tone Coffee Set, £230 by Toast Living

A tale of two halves… You wake up early, more disoriented than tired. A hot shower, a considered shave and you instantly feel more alive. You’re almost there but there is something missing, that spark, that enthusiasm. That morning coffee. The usual?

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Freshly ground, filtered coffee with a dash of whole milk – and two minutes later you are off, caffeine fix in hand, and now the day can begin in earnest. Caffeine. It’s not something that is considered an addiction, merely a catalyst to reduce the lag time from half asleep to full throttle, something that may need to be topped up throughout the day.

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The prospect of having an invigorating coffee each morning is a common notion to most gentlemen, but there are further, less well known benefits of caffeine too – in the form of skin care. Caffeine has many attributes within a skin care routine, but most notable are its anti-inflammatory properties. When a caffeine enriched eye care product is placed beneath the eye for example it can help to reduce puffiness – particularly useful after a heavy round of New Years Eve celebrations.


Baxter of California Under Eye Complex, £22.00 >

Some have suggested placing refrigerated, used tea bags on your eyes for a similar result, but there are many effective and more civilised eye treatments that contain caffeine with a combination of other active ingredients to help address those puffy, tired eyes and dark circles.



Next time you have your caffeine fix, don’t forget your eyes; sometimes, they need a pick-me-up too.

Brewed using a H.A.N.D Copper-Tone Coffee Set, £230 by Toast Living from MR PORTER

Chris Beastall

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