Cologne is great for finishing up the perfect look. Leaving you smelling fresh, clean and totally irresistible. Finding one that works and smells great, often leaves men wondering why you would give it up for something else?

There is certainly no rule that says you can’t wear the same cologne day-in and day-out for the rest of your life. But take page from Mother Nature’s book and consider changing your cologne with the seasons, as they’re definitely some advantages to changing up your signature scent. Body heat and environmental heat intensify the scent of cologne, therefore full-bodied spicy or woody scents during warm weather could be too overpowering.

A citrusy scent won’t thrive in the cold, therefore best left for warmer weather. That means you should stick to lighter scents in the summer. Some scents just smell like a particular season — a woody, wintry smell isn’t quite suited to hanging out at a July picnic, so you should exchange your cologne accordingly.

As we now creep into the beginnings of Autumn we’ve found 3 of what we believe to be the very best fragrances for you to switch to for the next few coming months.

Acqua Di Parma – Colonia Essenza 

Colonia Essenza, a fragrance with a unique, surprising, easily recognizable nature. Colonia Essenza enhances the values of Colonia, the iconic fragrance of Acqua di Parma, offered in their purest expression.

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Hugo Boss – Boss Bottled Oud Eau De

Unapologetically masculine with a touch of pure luxury. Powerfully opulent, symbolic and authoritative, Boss Bottled Oud is a true blend of craftsmanship.

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Frederic Malle – Cologne Indelebile 

The simplest creations often generate the strongest and most powerful emotions. This is a pure but opulent eau de cologne formula blending the finest neroli, orange zest, orange blossom, lemon and bergamot on the same deliciously musky bases that Ropion uses in Portrait of a Lady.

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