Deodorant or Anti-Perspirant?

With humidity reaching uncomfortable levels this summer- our body’s natural reaction to a hot and cramped tube journey is to sweat. The first thing to note; this is a natural reaction. Secondly, we have tended to lean towards choosing an anti-perspirant over deodorant. The former designed to stop us from sweating.

As before, sweating is a natural cooling process- it should happen. Furthermore, companies are adding potentially irritating alcohol (which turns your skin acidic to fight off odour-causing bacteria) and (contact dermatitis causing) Aluminium to block perspiration by reacting with your sweat. Producing salts that clog your sweat ducts- hence preventing the expulsion of toxins. Many of us tend to ‘wear’ anti-perspirant when we are perspiring, it’s too late by then though- you need to add it long before, for any effect.

So, if you don’t sweat profusely, the sensible choice is a deodorant to kill bacteria (which feed off sweat) or mask any body odour. Thus allowing your body to sweat toxins, cool and behave in a natural, healthy way- without irritation.

It’s always advisable to wash underarms every time you shower, not wear a sweaty piece of clothing more than once. And- hair can house bacteria- so scrub your armpits and or chest hair twice weekly (you may consider trimming or waxing here too). Another important aspect is to dress for the occasion- if you’re travelling in 30oC, shorts and a fine linen shirt will keep you cool. Here are three of the best, in alphabetical order:

Aesop Herbal Deodorant

Aesop Best Deodorant for Men

Aesop’s Herbal Deodorant is aluminium-free, and crafted with a botanically based formula. Containing Zinc Ricinoleate and an optimal blend of essential oils; including Rosemary, Sage and Eucalyptus. The deodorant helps to mask body odour, with aplomb.

£23.00 >

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Baxter of California Deodorant

Not only is this deodorant stick alcohol and aluminium free, it contains moisturising Chamomile to alleviate any underarm irritation while Witch Hazel provides skin healing properties. The formula uses citrus to mask body odour and Acai Berry to neutralise potentially harmful free radicals.

£19.00 >

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Malin+Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant

Natural and effective is the Malin+Goetz key phrase, and this alcohol and aluminium-free is no different. Made with refreshing eucalyptus extract and odour-neutralising citronellyl, your body will function naturally and without odour.

£18.00 >

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