We travel the globe more and more nowadays, with the possibilities of business and pleasure taking us to all corner of the globes. It can be a stressful thing know what to pack and take with you as well as maintaining a strong wardrobe. Keep things simple by taking a handful of key pieces that can be paired with staple basics. Travel suiting with non-creasing fabric ensures you stay looking sharp. At Ape to Gentleman we travel often wearing Paul Smith’s travel suit made in a high-twist 100% wool yarn that offers a quick recovery crease-resistant cloth, making it highly versatile and practical tailoring.

Not only packing carefully, but choosing the right suitcase to pack everything in is crucial so as to be able to keep your belongings safe and secure. On recent trips to New York and Rome, we used Tumi’s medium trip suitcase collaboration with Public School with a 71 litre capacity that included two interior compartments with a detachable laundry bag, tie-down straps and a hanger bracket. Made from lightweight yet durable Tegris polypropylene, it features an adjustable-height telescoping handle, with dual-spinning wheels that allow you glide along airport check-ins with ease. With Tumi’s DuraFold™  the corners are reinforced with heavy-duty stitching and impact-resistant caps that provide superior corner strength and impact resistance for long lasting use. With that robust nature, it will keep your clothes and toiletries in good order as you fly around the globe mixing business with pleasure.

Relying on hotel toiletries isn’t always possible, and most of the time we like to take familiar products with us to bring some creature comforts with us. Malin+Goetz do a wonderful travel Essential Pack that include a selection of their best ranges including Bergamot Body Wash, Peppermint Shampoo and Cilantro Hair Conditioner amongst others. We’re also big fans other their Eucalyptus Deodorant formulated with odour-neutralising Citronellyl Methylcrotonate, and 0.25% eucalyptus extract. Keeping your hair in good knick is alwasy important, so make sure you carry Kent comb’s Slim Jim pocket comb. Visit Niven & Joshua for a full list of Travel and Ski Season grooming products that are perfect for your washbag.

Capturing memories is always important and even though we live in an instant digital age where you might feel pressured to upload images to various social media channels, we at Ape to Gentleman appreciate taking a more delicate approach. One of our favourite cameras right now is the Leica T. A sturdy camera with a body made from a solid block of metal, with interchangeable lenses. It also has a large touchscreen on the back to allow easy navigation to set up the camera with automatic or manual settings that suit the environment your shooting in. Leica has brought together they’re renowned mastery in producing exquisite quality lens, and produced a mid-range digital camera that has DSLR quality and capability.

You can share photos easily directly from the camera with wifi connectivity allowing you to send to photos via email or social media with ease. Downloading the Leica T app for your iOS device will give you all these capabilities, or plug directly to your laptop when using the built-in 18GB memory storage, or using your own SD Card. The outstanding picture quality is backed up be a large APS-C sensor with 16.5 megapixels that ensures the finest details and pictures with exceptional brightness and clarity, even in unfavourable lighting conditions.

We like keeping things smart and casual but finding the balance can sometimes be a challenge. Spencer Hart offer a great selection of traditional and contemporary tailoring, playing with slim fitting silhouettes and working with a variety of fabrications. We were able to transfer wearing some of the collarless shirts from casual outfits into smarter evening attire when paired with their suiting.