A man’s feet cannot always be coveted in soft supple leather, nor can he spend his whole time in weekend shoes – finding the perfect middle ground is a task in itself. A problem Hentsch Man’s Ventetian slippers hope to accomplish. Inspired by a post WW2 necessity and hand-made by a dying breed of Venetian manufactures, this light-minded alternative could upstage the rest. Ape to Gentleman took them for a ‘test drive’ to see just how well these sleek adaptations survive in the modern world.

Day 1

They arrive; in burgundy velvet and matching piping… Think the grown man’s espadrille, they are light, slim line and very aesthetically pleasing, all this before I even step foot into them. On doing so the comfort is immediately felt – this will be a good week.


Day 2

First day wearing them – it may be best to play it safe. They manage to only venture in and around the house. Going sockless seems a given nowadays, but the socks get the go ahead – to a warm response by all those who encounter my path. Already getting the confidence to wear them outside of the ‘house space’.

Day 3

They haven’t had a moment off my feet, which is a credit to how soft they are. The 5cm of velvet that sit at the back assure that even when worn without socks, there is no irritation. While the outside plays perfect host to what is a sublime shoe. They are causing quite a stir now – debates of ‘Are they appropriate to wear outside?’ have begun


Day 4

Today is the day I will wear them out… to the shop at least. The weather isn’t looking the best however; I have been assured they are shower proof (this is more than a light shower). I persist anyway and am pleasantly surprised – they withstand the storm. This may be due to the recycled bike tyre sole which does well to keep you feet sturdy and dry. The weather is no longer an issue.

Day 5

On the final day I feel assured enough that they can survive a night in the jungle (also known as London’s streets). So I throw caution to the wind and decide to pair them with a pair of black tapered trousers. Apart from the odd ‘is he wearing slippers outside’ look they were perfect. Felt as sturdy as a pair of brogues and as comfy as a pair of loafers. Definitely worth a purchase.