The Ape Want List: January 2020

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After what felt like an eternity, the festive season has finally drawn to a close, and provided you survived the numerous family get-togethers, office parties and hometown nights out, you’re probably feeling the need to reinvent yourself for the new year. This might take the form of hiring a personal trainer or making a half-arsed attempt to learn Spanish on Duolingo, however, we find a spot of retail therapy can work wonders, too. With that in mind, here’s everything we’re eyeing up as 2020 kicks off.


Garbstore x Crescent Down Works Parka


Christmas and New Year might be behind us but the biting cold, howling wind and pelting rain are only getting started. This considered, if you haven’t already invested in a solid winter coat, now would be a good time. This collaborative parka from ultra-hip London menswear shop-cum-fashion-label Garbstore and goose-down outerwear aficionados Crescent Down Works has everything you could possibly want from winter warmer and then some.


Grenson Curt Derby Shoes

Bored of wearing boots yet? Of course not. But if you do happen to fancy some brief respite from high-top footwear, a pair of commando-sole Derby shoes can offer all the same grip and traction on icy pavements but with room to let those ankles breathe. Featuring a hand-painted calf-leather upper, natural split-leather welt and springy insole for comfort, these beauties from Northampton mainstay Grenson might just be the perfect winter shoes.


Armor Lux Miki Beanie

That tiny little hat your local hipster barista wears perched on top of his head, it’s called a fisherman beanie. Historically, it was worn above the ears so that dockworkers’ hearing wasn’t impaired, but you don’t have to be a weather-beaten trawlerman in order to pull one off. French label Armor Lux is no stranger to nautical garments and its subtly branded take on this sea-faring favourite is no exception to the rule.



Bolin Webb R1 Graphite Razor Triple Set

Christmas is over, which means it’s time to say goodbye to that yuletide chin warmer. What better way to enter a new decade than fresh-faced and with a brand new razor to ensure you stay that way? This sleek option from Bolin Webb comes ready with blades, a carry case and a Tate Modern-worthy “gravity stand” to really bring a touch of class to your bathroom sink.


A.P.C. x JJJJound Foret Candle

The coming together of French master of wardrobe basics A.P.C. and digital-mood-board-turned-design-studio JJJJound was nothing short of a minimalist’s dream come true. The collection featured all manner of beautifully understated pieces, but if you missed the boat on the jeans and the hoodie there’s solace to be found in the form of a co-branded scented candle; a scented candle infused with a “herbaceous forest aroma”, no less.


Marvis Toothpaste Trio

Using the words “luxury” and “Italian” as a prefix can make anything sound extravagant – even toothpaste, believe it or not. But Marvis is exactly that: a luxury Italian toothpaste, and you only have to take one look at the stuff to see it’s not your run-of-the-mill Colgate or Oral-B. This handy pack contains three tubes in three different but equally extravagant mint-based flavours. Trust us, give them a go and you’ll never go back.



Tielle Luxury Velour Robe

That first day back in the office after the week of chaos that is the 25th December – 1st January is never a pleasant experience. Making yourself as comfortable as physically possible on your downtime, however, can be a handy way to take the edge off. So, shroud yourself in one of these luxury velour robes from Tielle, run yourself a bath and unwind spa-break-style in the comfort of your own bathroom.


Motiv Fitness Tracker Ring

A Fitbit might be functional but let’s be real here – it’s not exactly the most badass accessory money can buy, is it? Rings, on the other hand, are fundamentally badass and this clever one from Motiv does everything your other fitness tracker does from your finger as opposed to your wrist. The perfect companion when it comes to keeping track of those post-Christmas workouts.



Aston Martin DBX

If you’ve ever looked at an Aston Martin and thought to yourself, “that’s nice, but I wish it was bigger,” then this may just be the car for you. The DBX is the first SUV in the company’s 106-year history. The unmistakably Aston Martin design mixes elegance and ferocity to marvellous effect, and while it may be considerably bigger than anything the esteemed British brand has done before, it’s every bit as smooth, sleek and refined.


A Vintage Rolex

New year, new watch? Absolutely. And it’s hard to look beyond Rolex when it comes to build quality, style and brand kudos. However, whilst many current models are considered “too Rolex” or too showy by hardcore horologists, no one – and we mean no one – can argue with a vintage Rolex timepiece. It instantly puts you in that connoisseur bracket; a similar bracket to those of you who own (or dream of owning) a vintage Porsche 911. But best of all, they’re relatively affordable (the Rolex, not the Porsche).

The Rolex Datejust is a timeless design that oozes classic elegance and offers a point of difference to the ten-a-penny Submariners you find on many wrists these days. This particular example was made circa 1979. It features a 36mm case, stainless steel oyster bracelet, hand-wound mechanical movement and an original Rolex dial that has been refurbished to a striking green colour. The result is an understated, everyday timepiece that is sure to garner nods of appreciation from those in the know.


Paddy Maddison

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