Ride On: 5 Stylish E-Scooters That Are Better Than Walking

Scooters get a bad rep. We should know, we’ve been bad-mouthing them for years. For a long time it was difficult to respect a full-grown adult on a push scooter. But times have changed and with the addition of long-range motors scooters are now a smart option for getting from A to B.

With impressive speeds, adventurous range capability and a whole host of connectivity options, it’s officially acceptable to own and ride an E-scooter. Here are the ones worth considering.

Ninebot Segway E25E

Simple folding design, 25km range, 14kg weight and a front wheel shock absorber. Add to that spec front and back lights, cruise control, responsive breaks and a speedometer and you’ve got a great little package.

What’s especially notable about Ninebot Segway scooters in general is the impressive app which, along with a more user-friendly experience than rival brands, provides a handy overview of journey information.

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Pure Air

If you’re looking for an entry-level scooter that’s sturdy, reliable and easy to set up, the Pure Air is a great place to start. Various speed modes will take you up to 15mph while a 30km range is impressive for the price point.

This happens to be their second generation Pure Air, with a waterproof design, 500W motor, high-capacity battery, and a tough steel frame. You’ll also benefit from safe and smooth braking, intelligent controls (including three speed modes), an integrated display, and 10” puncture-resistant tyres. You’ll also get a USB charge port for on-the-go charging.

Dependable suspension and robust tyres ensure a smooth ride, completing a fantastic beginners package.

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Xiaomi MI 1S

Moving into mid-market scooter territory with higher price points and longer ranges, the Xiaomi MI 1S is an excellent value option for everyday commuters looking for additional safety features and high-end performance.

The scooter’s pneumatic tyres make a huge difference to ride comfort and small touches like added reflectors and powerful front and back lights are a welcome inclusion.

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Bird One

For looks, smart features and performance the Bird One is a bit like the Apple of scooters. There’s perhaps better options out there for less money, but for an all-round great-looking package with a splash of colour, it’s tough to beat.

What started life as app-based scooter rental has since morphed into e-commerce. Contemporary aesthetics and robust build make the Bird One stand out for all the right reasons.

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Unagi Model One E500

If you’ve got money to burn and places to be, Unagi’s Model One E500 ticks every box. It’s all clean lines and sleek tubes and the smart design credentials transfer to the folding mechanism too.

Controls are easy and ergonomic, even if the horn is slightly abrasive. A powerful motor ensures hills are a doddle.

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