The Best Men’s Jewellery Brands In The World Today

Jewellery is to an outfit what seasoning is to cuisine; a seemingly small finishing touch that has the power to refine and elevate, making the end product really sing. It can give purpose and meaning to even the most pedestrian of ensembles and affords the wearer an opportunity to express themselves in a subtle yet significant way.

Women have understood this for centuries, but men haven’t been quite so quick on the uptake. For a long time, wearing jewellery was viewed as somehow emasculating. Feminine even. But as men have grown into themselves over the decades, they’ve begun to open up to new ways of enhancing their appearances.

The rise in male grooming is one example of this, but another is the boom in men’s jewellery. Today, men are experimenting more with jewellery and how it can upgrade their personal style than ever before.

This accessorising awakening has sent a tidal wave of men’s jewellery brands crashing onto the shore of menswear. From the new labels springing up specifically to cater to the male customer, to historic jewellers and fashion houses introducing men’s ranges to their jewellery collections.

Here we take a look at some of the best men’s jewellery brands in the world today and what they’re doing that really sets them apart.

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You probably know A.P.C. already thanks to its famously chic and understated approach to casual clothing. Turns out, that same ethos applies to its jewellery too. The French label’s simple brass jewellery is finished in either silver or gold-tone and is perfect for adding a subtle finishing touch to any outfit.

A.P.C.’s necklaces, in particular, are worthy of note, with its pendant styles having become something of a signature in recent years.

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Thomas Sabo

If your masculinity still feels a little too fragile to wear a necklace, how about sticking a sword or a few skulls on it? Thomas Sabo’s instantly recognisable brand of edgy, statement jewellery may not be for everyone. But if you’re the type of guy who likes his beard bushy and his knuckles tattooed then you’re probably going to love the intricately detailed medieval, nautical and mythical-inspired designs.

Pendants range from £150 to £700 and are all brimming with rebellious, rock ‘n’ roll attitude.

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Pyrrha creates jewellery that takes its cues from 18th and 19th-century imagery and symbolism, using time-honoured, old-world techniques. The Vancouver-based brand’s talisman necklaces have become a favourite of stylish celebrities and fashion insiders and are all crafted using silver, bronze and 14K gold.

There’s also a strong focus on ethical production and sustainability. In fact, Pyrrha is one of only 11 B Corp-certified jewellery companies in the world. Guilt-free talisman necklaces. How about that?

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Alex Orso

London’s Alex Orso is based around the idea that style is in the details. What that means for its jewellery is that while it might appear minimalistic, each and every piece has been meticulously refined to the nth degree.

The subtlety to Alex Orso’s designs makes it a great brand for anyone who is dipping their toes into jewellery for the first time. They’re super versatile, very wearable and won’t raise too many eyebrows if you’re not usually the jewellery-wearing type.

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In just over a decade, Miansai has managed to position itself as the go-to brand for affordable, stylish jewellery. The label’s Italian leather and marine-grade rope bracelets have become supremely popular but there are also options crafted from precious metals for those who prefer to keep things classic.

It’s subtle, understated stuff, so if you like to make a loud statement, look elsewhere. If, however, you just want good-looking jewellery at a fair price, look no further.

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Le Gramme

Parisian metals brand La Gramme’s minimalist take on the classic cuff bracelet has seen it gain international attention over the last few years. Each piece is named according to its weight in grams and while the collection includes rings, necklaces and earrings, it’s the men’s bracelets for which Le Gramme is best known.

There are both cable and band styles available, all featuring the same trademark simplicity. Each bracelet is handmade in France and can even be engraved to add a personal touch.

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Since its founding in 1847, Cartier has been building and maintaining a reputation as the final word in luxury jewellery. It’s known around the world for elegant, sophisticated and indulgent objects of artistry and style, and has even been referred to as “the jeweller of kings and the king of jewellers”.

Expect unparalleled refinement, style and luxury from possibly the most iconic jewellery brand on the face of the earth.

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Azuro Republic

Azuro Republic makes jewellery specifically for men rather than taking the all too common unisex approach. The brand specialises in eye-catching beaded bracelets. These feature bold, oversized beads that aren’t quite so easily dwarfed by gargantuan male wrists.

Each gemstone used is handpicked and chiselled to perfection and designs range from the colourful and statement-making to the understated and monochrome.

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Alice Made This

Alice Made This is a London-based jewellery brand that makes everything from cufflinks to necklaces. But for us, it’s the rings that steal the show. They’re beautifully understated, locally made and each piece is totally unique. There are brass, copper, gold and silver options to choose from, with either matte or shine finishes.

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Maple’s uber-cool handcrafted jewellery is a common sight in many of the world’s hippest retailers. The Canadian brand has collaborated with the likes of BEAMS and Goodhood and is known for its quirky, often tongue-in-cheek designs and meticulous attention to detail.

Rings-wise, it’s all about the signet. Look out for dazzling gemstones and precious metals, with the odd Pacific Northwest-inspired engraving thrown in for good measure.

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Tom Wood

Tom Wood, confusingly enough, isn’t the work of a man called Tom Wood. Rather a Norwegian lady called Mona Jensen. If you can get past that initial curveball, the brand’s jewellery is actually pretty special.

Renowned for its unisex signet rings, they’re produced in small batches and feature semi-precious stones such as black onyx and white agate.

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