For a continuous stream of wardrobe inspiration, following the right menswear accounts on Instagram is key. Regardless of how you feel about them, the fact is that influencers (as the name suggests) have a considerable amount of sway in the modern world. The trick is knowing which ones to follow.

So, to save you the hassle of having your feed clogged up with sub-par content, Ape has done the legwork and compiled a definitive list of the best style accounts on the ‘gram.

From watches to suiting and everything in between, these are the profiles you should be following.

Fredrik Risvik – Best for Scandi minimalism

If Kinfolk Magazine was a human being it would probably look a lot like Fredrik Risvik. The Norwegian influencer has a keen eye for minimalism, design and putting a knock-out outfit together. His frequently updated Instagram is a testament to this. When he’s not making his followers green with envy at his seemingly endless collection of Common Projects and Margiela Replicas, he can sometimes be seen whipping out the occasional trick on his skateboard. And he’s not half bad either.

GarconJon – Best for fashion photography

With an eye for men’s style and a knack for using a camera, GarconJon (real name Jonathan Daniel Pryce) has forged a successful career as menswear’s favourite photographer/blogger. His distinguished lensmanship has seen him work with leading industry publications and some of the biggest names in men’s fashion. If you’re interested in a mix of inspiring street style, arty fashion shots and the odd geographical landmark thrown in for good measure, it’d be well worth giving that follow button a tap.

The Sartorialist – Best for street style

When Scott Schuman began snapping photos of outfits that caught his eye in New York and uploading the results online along with his comments, little did he know he was paving the way for a whole genre of fashion blogging. The Sartorialist was the pioneering street style photography blog and when Instagram came along it was a match made in heaven. This peephole into the world of fashion’s best-dressed makes for a handy source of inspiration. And, well, it’s just nice to look at in general, isn’t it?

The Drop Date – Best for sneakers

Ever felt the frustration of finding a pair of trainers you can’t live without, only to discover they flew off the shelves within 30 minutes of being released? You need to follow the Drop Date. This sneaker-centric account showcases the best of the best in the world of footwear and keeps followers plugged into what shoes are coming out and when. It’s crucial information for the average sneakerhead. Still, even if you don’t quite fall into that category, it’s still worth keeping abreast of the latest trainer trends, in case your dream pair crops up.

Phil Cohen – Best for casual outfit inspiration

Even the most style-savvy gents get stuck for inspiration sometimes. We’ve all experienced those days where we open the wardrobe in the morning, stare at the contents and suffer a sort of sartorial equivalent to writer’s block. Thankfully, Phil Cohen’s Instagram account is here to help. Cohen has a real knack for piecing together easy-to-replicate outfits and laying them out in a rather aesthetically pleasing manner on the floor. It’s pure, unadulterated outfit inspiration and a welcome addition in any style-conscious man’s Instagram feed.

Men With Class – Best for tailoring inspiration

It’s a common problem with men that even those who know how to dress cool and casual can draw a blank when it comes to wearing a suit. Tailoring is the bread and butter of menswear but it’s something that so many guys fail to really grasp. Men With Class is an Instagram account that offers clear visual guidance. The account is essentially nothing more complex than an (almost) endless collection of pictures of men in tailoring. Still, if all you need is a nudge in the right direction then it could be the resource you’ve been looking for.

Basement Approved – Best for streetwear

What started off as a humble buying-and-selling group for streetwear on Facebook somehow mutated into one of the most close-knit fashion communities on the internet. Naturally, this has grown to incorporate things like a website and blog, but also pop-up shops, a line of clothing and a platform to launch the careers of young labels, designers and models – Gully Guy Leo, to name just one. Its Instagram page is a visual extension of everything The Basement stands for, showcasing the finest streetwear in one convenient place.

Jaadiee – Best for a bit of age reassurance

There’s a cutoff point in menswear, around the age of 30, when we increasingly begin to question whether we’re too old to wear certain things. The baseball cap, the hoodie, the logo T-shirt – it’s all stuff that can make us look like ram dressed as lamb past a certain stage in our lives. Or does it? Jaadiee is a fashion photographer and his muse is none other than his own grandpa, who, as it would happen, has a bit of a penchant for streetwear. It’s a solid reminder that you’re only as old as you feel and some of the shots are just straight-up heartwarming, not to mention “lit”. Okay, perhaps we are too old to use that word.

Audrey Lombard – Best for a glimpse into womenswear

Given that you’re spending your time browsing a men’s lifestyle blog, we’re going to go out on a limb here and guess that you aren’t a woman. Nevertheless, sometimes it’s good to break away from the men’s fashion bubble and see what the girls are up to, too. Audrey Lombard is one of the snappiest dressers on the ‘gram and she has the followers to prove it. Her style exudes the sort of Parisian nonchalance that only comes from years of meticulous shopping and careful outfit planning. Still, it looks great. And while it’s unlikely you’ll pick up any styling pointers yourself, you may just get a few valuable ideas for your significant other’s Christmas list.

Nigel Cabourn – Best for workwear/military-inspired fashion

Nigel Cabourn is that rarest of beasts in fashion: a friendly northerner. The Newcastle-dwelling vintage enthusiast has based his entire career around a passion for old sportswear, workwear and military garb. His Instagram account serves as a platform for showing some of this off, including rare garments from his extensive personal archive, sneak peaks at upcoming collections, while also offering an inside look at his frequent trips around the world to pick up new weird and wonderful pieces. That smile of his is a bit infectious, too.

Watchfred – Best for vintage luxury watches

If you’re a fan of vintage timepieces (especially old chronographs) then Watchfred will undoubtedly be your new favourite thing to while away the hours. While we don’t know much about Fred himself, what we do know is that he owns one of the most enviable collections of 1960s and 1070s watches we’ve ever seen, and seemingly only one shirt. Well if you’re going to spend that much on keeping time, it’s a wonder you’ve got any money left for clothes at all.

Affordable Wrist Time – Best for sub-£1000 watches

Admittedly, while Watchfred’s timepieces are fun to look at, the sad reality is that they’re unobtainable to the average man. With that in mind, you should think about checking out the aptly-named Affordablewristtime – an account that showcases the finest affordable watches available. Expect automatic gems from the likes of Seiko, Hamilton and Citizen.

Ape to Gentleman – Best for keeping up to date

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