A Modern Man’s Guide To Stylish Sleepwear

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What do you think the best-dressed men in the world do when they turn in? Slide out of their immaculately tailored suits and into a pair of fraying Y-fronts and a faded Aerosmith T-shirt? Of course not, because these men know that dressing well doesn’t stop when you cross the threshold of your home. It’s for you and how it makes you feel. Not anybody else. That’s why good sleepwear is every bit as important as the rest of your wardrobe.

The best sleepwear brands blend luxury and comfort seamlessly, creating garments that allow you to unwind in style. Indulgent tops, bottoms and robes that make bedtime even more appealing.

So, what are these brands? And what else does the average man need to know before leaping into the world of sleepwear? In this guide, we’ll address these questions and more as we delve into one of menswear’s most criminally overlooked sub genres.

What Is Sleepwear?

Contrary to the name, sleepwear is more than simply clothing to be slept in. Buy well, and you’ll find yourself spending just as much time in it during waking hours. It’s loungewear essentially. The difference is that you don’t have to change out of it when you hit the sack.

We know what you’re thinking: “Well, that’s just pyjamas,” and yes, pyjamas do fall under the umbrella of sleepwear. However, the category also includes things like dressing gowns, bath robes and slippers.

Types Of Sleepwear

There are lots of different types of clothing that fit the bill. From summer PJs to cosy bathrobes, here are the key ones you need to know.

Traditional Pyjamas

Derek Rose

When you hear the word ‘pyjamas’ this is probably what you’re picturing. Traditional pyjamas consist of a loose-fitting button-up top and a pair of relaxed drawstring pants. They’re usually made of soft, comfortable non-stretchy fabrics and can be either patterned or plain.

Modern Pyjamas

Hamilton and Hare

Modern pyjamas tend to offer more stretch than traditional pyjamas and are often made of soft cottons like jersey and pima with a little elastane blended in. They consist of a crew-neck top and elasticated bottoms.

Short Pyjamas


The clue is in the name. Short pyjamas can be either of the above but with short sleeves and legs. This makes them a more practical option in the summer months or for those who live in warmer areas.


Derek Rose

The increase in people working from home has highlighted the importance of a good pair of slippers. These cosy house shoes are the sneakers of the sleepwear world: comfortable, easy to wear and an absolute must for every man.


Cleverly Laundry

A robe is any sort of long wraparound garment designed to be worn over the pyjamas. They can be light and airy for the summer or thick and towel-like for throwing on when you hop out of the shower in winter.

Sleepwear Purchasing Considerations

Don’t just dive straight in and buy the first pyjamas you see. First, take heed of the following points in order to find the garments that will work best for you.



Probably the most important point to consider when selecting sleepwear is the fabric from which it’s made. This has a profound impact on the comfort of a garment and what’s best will vary greatly depending on your average local temperatures and the time of year.

For warm weather, materials like linen are light and breathable to keep you cool throughout the night. In colder temperatures, brushed cotton, silk and wool blends are excellent insulators and still extremely comfortable.


Hamilton And Hare

Sleepwear varies in price a lot. It’s entirely possible to get a serviceable set of PJs for next to nothing, but when you start looking at luxury brands using premium materials, the prices tend to be a bit higher. Generally speaking, for a luxury pyjama set you can expect to pay north of £100, often a fair bit more.

That said, there is a point of diminishing returns. So, if you’re looking at options for several-hundred pounds, you’re probably getting fleeced, regardless of what they’re made from.


Derek Rose

Don’t overlook fit when it comes to sleepwear. It’s one of the most important factors. These types of garments should be loose and comfortable, allowing freedom of movement while sleeping or just lounging around.

The Best Sleepwear Brands For Men

There are countless labels making sleepwear options but only a select few really dedicate themselves to it. Below is a handpicked edit of our favourite sleepwear brands – the ones we feel do it better than anyone else, ranging from high-end luxury to timeless classics.

Hamilton & Hare

Hamilton & Hare uses premium materials with a focus on sustainability, manufacturing its products in Portugal – a country renowned for its textile industry. Here you’ll find all the classic sleepwear styles with a premium twist, ranging from luxurious pyjama sets to dressing gowns and slippers.

Shop now at Hamilton & Hare


Swedish label CDLP brings that typically clean and minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic and applies it to everything from underwear to pyjama sets. The result is a range of seriously stylish sleepwear that’ll suit those who favour modernity over tradition.

Shop now at CDLP

Derek Rose

This British luxury sleepwear brand specialises in making your evening routine as lavish as feasibly possible. For almost a century, the label has been honing its craft and is now well known for producing some of the best pyjamas and loungewear in the world.

Shop now at Derek Rose

Desmond & Dempsey

If you’re a fan of wild prints on your sleepwear then you’ll love what Desmond & Dempsey is doing. From intricate florals to outlandish (but tasteful) novelty prints, these patterned PJs are full of personality and oozing quality. Don’t worry, there are plenty of plain options too if you prefer things a bit more subtle.

Shop now at MR PORTER

Liberty London

Speaking of colourful prints, historic London haberdasher Liberty is well known for its intricately patterned fabrics. Alongside shirts, pocket squares and ties, Liberty also creates some stunning pyjamas bearing its signature designs. Well worth a look if you like your sleepwear loud.

Shop now at Liberty

Turnbull & Asser

When it’s not making shorts for 007, Jermyn Street’s Turnbull & Asser can be found crafting some seriously luxurious sleepwear. As you’d expect from such a historic British brand, T&A specialises in traditional pyjamas sets which it handcrafts in the UK with the same meticulous attention to detail as its shirts and ties.

Shop now at Turnbull & Asser

Calvin Klein

Arguably no brand in the world is as synonymous with sleepwear as Calvin Klein. The American label makes some of the most iconic underwear and loungewear on the planet and has plentiful options spanning everything from PJs to dressing gowns.


Cleverly Laundry

Cleverly Laundry is a label dedicated to making silky soft cotton things for your house, including sheets, towels, robes and sleepwear. Everything is handmade in Portugal and the quality is first rate. If you’re looking for premium night-time garb in simple block colours, there are few brands better equipped to deliver.

Shop now at MR PORTER


British brand Sunspel is, in our humble opinion, one of the very best basics brands out there. The designs are timeless, the cuts are immaculate and the quality is second to none. Luckily for you, the label’s remit extends beyond daytime staples and to loungewear and sleepwear too. Expect beautifully soft cotton, simple styling and fantastic quality to boot.

Shop now at SSENSE

The White Company

The White Company has been specialising in loungewear for more than 20 years, but robes are where the brand really excels itself. Thick and heavy with super-soft towelling fabric, they’re ideal for getting wrapped up on winter evenings or throwing on for breakfast and pottering around the house on lazy Sunday mornings.

Shop now at The White Company

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