Beyond 7/2

We turn to a story of inspiration this Christmas, and one of pushing yourself physically- no matter what obstacles lay in your path. The story is of Colin O’Brady who suffered 23% burns on his body, bandaged thigh high- the prognosis was that he may never walk again.


Courageously, Colin rejected this and took it as a challenge to not only recover but to excel. He became a professional triathlete whose weekly fitness regime includes 50 to 70 miles of running, 200-plus miles of cycling and 15-plus miles of swimming.

Over the past year, Colin has also integrated mountain-specific strength work and plyometrics, leading up to December 25, where he departs to conquer the Explorers Grand Slam Tour.


The Explorers Grand Slam Tour is a world-record mountaineering attempt to climb the Seven Summits; the tallest mountain on each continent and trek to the North and South Poles in six months. Quite staggering.


The goal; to raise $1m for the Alliance for a Healthier Generation- to inspire better health for kids (and in our opinion, any of us) through exercise. Colin has coined this mission; Beyond 7/2, in reference to the seven summits and two poles he’ll traverse in the effort.

More at – and thank you to Colin’s sponsor; Nike for the images.