The Vintage Showroom Book

Fashion nowadays is a mix of styles that have evolved over hundreds of years to form the current blend of traditional, contemporary and workwear we see today. There was lots of heavy influence during the last century, in particular, from the effects of the two World Wars, with military clothing and outerwear finding their way into mainstream. Nowadays you can still see remnants of that with the likes of the Peacoat, Trench Coat, Mckintosh and the bomber jacket to name just a few. The workwear clothing through the 1940s and 50s have also played a large part in influencing contemporary styling. For any aspiring gentleman keen on their fashion or just curious to appreciate where certain things have derived from, Laurence King Publishing have released a wonderful book titled The Vintage Showroom.

The book contains a showcased archive courtesy of vintage connoisseurs Douglas Gunn and Roy Luckett, following on from their first book Vintage Menswear who run The Vintage Showroom in Covent Garden. A haven of quality vintage, they own a vast collection of rare 20th-century pieces that is regularly visited by fashion designers and stylists who pay to view and study the garments, taking notes on the cut, silhouette and detailing of numerous garments as inspiration for their own work.
The book has a beautiful array of photographs showing full garments and close-ups with in-depth descriptions.
Gain an insight to the history of certain clothes and stories of how they came into prominence. Vintage clothing shows the timeless appeal they have while also remaining the key components to contemporary collections. The book offers a great overview and inspiration for building your own knowledge. Ideal for any style enthusiast.

The Vintage Showroom published by Laurence King. You can also visit The Vintage Showroom to get a copy – RRP £35

Chris Chasseaud

Chris is the Style & Features Editor at Ape to Gentleman, and one of the UK's leading style commentators. Having worked in the fashion and design world for his entire career he's well placed to deliver sartorial advice.