The Hottest Designer Keyrings & Keychains For Men

Image Credit: Maison Kitsune

‘God is in the details’ as the idiom goes, and so it always pays to lend your attention to your small accessories when you’re putting a look together. Not only do the finer details stand out, but they project something about you to the world – so choose wisely.

Keyrings and keychains have been around forever but today’s batch of luxury iterations are as much about projecting your sense of style as they are keeping your keys together.

These are the designer brands and luxury labels producing some of the most creative and original key accessories today.


Parisian fashion brand Goyard is the grande dame of exquisite leather accessories and must boast one of the most recognisable geometric pattern signatures of all the luxury houses. So it’s no surprise that its boutiques often have wild queues stretching back from the door.

When it comes to key accessories, Goyard has opted for an understated style, offering a carabiner clip key ring ideal for attaching to a belt loop or chain, alongside a leather wrist strap style for a bit more visibility. Both come in hand-stitched saddle leather, naturally.

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Maison Kitsuné

Upbeat French label Maison Kitsuné is always full of surprises with its playful aesthetic and multitude of fox logos. Its keyrings are no different, with a joyful array of fox-inspired styles with glossy gold-plated hardware and calfskin leather.

They’ve got that perfect blend of tongue-in-cheek style that shows you don’t take yourself too seriously.

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Before the authorities began removing them a few years ago, the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris was home to hundreds of padlocks, placed there by misty-eyed couples to represent their unbreakable love. So far, so Parisian. We’re not sure whether luxury brand Givenchy took inspiration from the lovers’ tradition, but they have at any rate created a series of padlock keyrings in a variety of different styles and metal effects.

Perhaps they will remind you of your undying love every time you go to open your front door, or perhaps the extra weight in your pocket will simply feel reassuringly expensive. Either way, they are a win-win.

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Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent being Saint Laurent, you would expect nothing other than the chicest accessories. And they do not disappoint thanks to an array of minimalistic and emblematic metal keyrings.

Naturally, the aesthetic is more often than not dark – to go with the house colour of black, black and more black – so if you’re into shadowy wardrobes, Saint Laurent’s keyrings will be just the moody accessories you need to complete your look.


JW Anderson

Never one to shy away from a bit of cheekiness, JW Anderson is well known for his reputation of pushing fashion boundaries. And he perfectly expresses this mischief in his range of provocative leather penis keyrings.

Yep, you read that right. Penis keyrings. And they’re one size fits all – before you ask.

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Cult streetwear label, and sometime religion, Supreme could sell ice to the eskimos. So it will have no problem whatsoever garnering interest for its keyring collection.

Think webbing styles, pelican cases and lighters neatly housed in waterproof cases and you get the gist. Must-have kit for any skater-inspired or grungy looks that lean on modern streetwear motifs.

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Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta has long been renowned for its accomplished ‘intrecciato’ woven leather work and the brand has doubled down on this visual messaging in its extensive keyring offering.

For the most part, the Italian luxury brand uses 100% lambskin leather in its rings and key pouches, which come in a broad selection of colours. They’re understated but very classy and, being leather, will wear well with age.

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The mighty Prada always has its finger on the pulse, and that should only become more apparent now that Raf Simons has pitched his tent at the Milanese powerhouse. Often avant garde with a futuristic bent, Raf has designed a significant collection of saffiano leather key chains this season (saffiano refers to the diagonally printed wax coating of the leather).

Sleek and geometric (some can also be personalised with metal letters), Prada’s keyrings and chains epitomise the proud Italian design tradition.

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The legacy that Virgil Abloh left is difficult to describe because Abloh was a fashion polymath, able to turn his very creative hands to evolving streetwear and high fashion simultaneously.

In Off-White he created a brand identity in what felt like a few minutes in fashion terms, so you should already know what the key chains are going to look like – plenty of the instantly recognisable Off-White webbing and ‘For Keys’ quotes.

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Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen has always danced with the macabre. Watching some of the runway shows sometimes feels like you’re observing memento mori in animation.

The brand’s fascination with skulls is a good case in point, so if you feel like your sense of style leans into the dark side, McQueen has just the keyrings and keychains for you.

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Hermès started out on its illustrious life as a saddle and harness maker way back in 1837 and the leather tradition has been at the core of the French luxury brand ever since.

Needless to say then that its extensive keyring and keychain collection comprises almost entirely of exquisite leather pieces, modelled in quaint and playful animal motifs.

The workmanship on each is exceptional and of course they will age beautifully, provided you don’t lose your keys, that is.

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Given Dunhill’s long and esteemed motoring heritage, it’s no surprise that the British brand does a fine line in keyrings. Staying true to its history, and its preference for luxurious materials, its folded and zip-up key fobs are crafted from beautifully soft embossed full grain calf leather and metal hardware.

Elegant, understated and undeniably chic, they are perfect for those who carry a number of keys around with them (one for the Rolls, the Bentley, the Aston…).

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Ryan Thompson

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