DEWAR’S Blended Scotch Whisky by Ape

Photography by Ape to Gentleman

Founded in 1846 by John Dewar, DEWAR’S is one of the largest Scotch whisky brands in the world- best known for its DEWAR’S White Label. The portfolio today consists of DEWAR’S 12 Years Old, DEWAR’S 15 Years Old, DEWAR’S 18 Years Old, the exclusive DEWAR’S Signature and most recently DEWAR’S Scratched Cask. These whiskies are crafted using the DEWAR’S oak marrying ageing process which involves returning the hand-crafted blend to vintage oak casks for further maturation and a smoother taste with a long, lingering finish. If you’re new to the brand then read on for there is an ‘interesting’ opportunity at London Cocktail Week to immerse yourself in the brand.

London Cocktail Week


For London Cocktail Week DEWAR’S have teamed up with iconic food and drink spaces in London including TT Liquor and The Clove Club to bring chicken and whisky inspired experiences to cocktail lovers. What might whisky and chicken have in common you ask? It’s a theme honouring Tommy Dewar’s obsession with chickens as well as whisky. At The Scotch Egg Club Emporium there are three separate whisky themed rooms located at TT Liquor, bringing to life the tale of Tommy Dewar and his affinity for perfection through pleasure.

The Scotch Egg Club

ape_5635In room one guests will be greeted by Tommy Dewar himself, who with his wonderful whisky assistants, will guide you through the world of DEWAR’S blended Scotch and the family of single malts from JOHN DEWAR & SONS. Step upstairs where the gatekeepers of DEWAR’s will open the doorway into the inner psyche of Tommy’s chicken and whisky obsessed brain. Climb into THE SCOTCH EGG CLUB where guests will experience Scotch-eggs by chef Jake Schamrel (Three Lemons, Aberfeldy) paired with whiskies from the John Dewar & Sons portfolio. Lastly head downstairs to the Cellar bar to find TOMMY’S WHISKY & GAMES DEN, where guests can explore Tommy Dewar’s utmost passions: whisky, chicken and games. Lomond Campbell will supply music while guests can participate in age-old and established sports including chicken thumb wars and gold jenga, all the while exploring a selection of great drams.

Admission £12, tickets can be purchased online here and in the John Dewar & Sons Fine Scotch Whisky Emporium entrance for whisky and Scotch egg tastings and bottles are available for purchase. Visit for more on the brand.