The North Face x Maggie Rogers – Ventrix Jacket

The North Face have released their new Ventrix jacket, a coat that releases excess heat through movement and exertion for balanced warmth and breathability.

To celebrate the release of the Ventrix and its heat release technology, The North Face teamed up with musician Maggie Rogers to create “The Release Project,” an immersive digital experience that allows Rogers’ new track, “Split Stones”to be revealed layer by layer through movement. With more movement, more layers of the song are played until ultimately the full length track is unlocked.


“Maggie’s sound is inspired by her connection with the outdoors, often drawing inspiration from the movement and rhythm of nature. As a brand rooted in outdoor exploration of all types, Maggie’s approach to music makes her the perfect partner for The North Face and the launch of our Ventrix Jacket.” – Tom Herbst, The North Face Vice President of Marketing

Maggie rose to fame after her song “Alaska” was played to Pharrell Williams during a master class at New York University. Rogers is also featured in the Ventrix campaign film, directed by filmmaker Grant Singer. The North Face athletes Jimmy Chin, Alex Honnold and Emily Harrington also appear in the film, which was shot in Portland and Mount Hood, Oregon and El Plomo, Chile.

“I took the first sound samples for ‘Split Stones’ on a month-long backpacking trip in Oregon during the summer of 2013; I’ve been collecting samples and piecing the song together in bedroom studios and trails ever since. I’m super excited about combining the two things I love –technology and the environment -to create a way that people can hear the song, but also feel a little bit a part of the action and process that inspired it” – Maggie Rogers

Ventrix is The North Face’s next evolution of synthetic-insulation technology designed for highly aerobic activity in variable weather conditions. The technology features laser-perforation to the insulation that are designed to expand and release heat or contract and retain heat with movement to keep from overheating or sweating out.

The Ventrix Jacket, from £195, by THE NORTH FACE

Jack Lenton

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