Get The Gang Back Together

Four in five people wish they could spend more time with their friends and, while two thirds see their closest mates monthly, over a quarter get together less than twice a year, according to new research commissioned by Diet Coke. However, all this could be about to change, as it seems 2017 is set to be the year for spending quality time with friends; almost half of Brits surveyed have a holiday with friends planned this year, versus just one in five of people who’ve managed a break with mates in the last 12 months.

Almost a third say they would prefer to go away with their mates than with their family- the former meaning more adventure, freedom, fun and more energy.

To celebrate the joy of spending quality time with our friends, Ape to Gentleman have partnered with Diet Coke to help friends across the UK ‘Get The Gang Back Together.’ Five lucky groups of friends will enjoy a night away in a luxury penthouse hotel in one of five top cities- Rome, Paris, Barcelona, London and Dublin. Just head to Diet Coke’s Facebook page to find out more details or follow @DietCokeGB on Twitter and or Instagram.

Written and photographed by Ape to Gentleman in partnership with The Coca-Cola Company