Graf von Faber-Castell – Tamitio Calligraphy Set

In the digital age, more and more people are seeking out creative forms of expression, like painting, hand writing and modern calligraphy. Experts say this is because of our yearning for tranquillity and deep concentration in a hectic lifestyle, and the desire to express thoughts and feelings in a more permanent way. Greater numbers of artists in the UK are now hosting calligraphy workshops in a bid to re-introduce the art to a wider audience.

Although less cards and letters have been sent this year than any other, people are taking more care in producing attractive pages and doodles in notebooks and on social media, and calligraphy is turning into a fast spreading trend. However, the art does not come easily to all. Inspiration can be found on Instagram, with popular and trending users tagging #calligraphy #lettering and #stationery.


In the 19th Century, Faber-Castell sourced graphite from mines in Siberia, and Reindeers were used to transport the lumps of graphite across the land for more than 200 miles. The history and narrative of the brand has been explored by Graf von Faber-Castell in their Tamito Calligraphy Set, designed to allow people to release their inner creativity.

The set celebrates the love of analogue and the ancient art of calligraphy. The fountain pen comes with shiny polished front and end pieces and three different nibs (1.1mm. 1.4mm and 1.8mm), each of which produces a very different style of writing. The nib is precision-crafted in rhodanised stainless steel.

Ideal for those who want to express their creativity through their writing, the Tamitio Calligraphy Set is made both for handwriting experts, and those wanting to learn.

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