Kingsman Glasses by Cutler and Gross

For those of you who wear glasses, and care how they look you’ll have no doubt arrive at Cutler and Gross. Founded in 1969, the British luxury eyewear brand combines the finest Italian craftsmanship with impossibly cool style.


Cutler and Gross

Over the years Cutler and Gross frames have graced the faces of leading stars on screens across the world, and no film was more of a fitting partnership than with the Kingsman films. The first in the series, Kingsman: The Secret Service, not only reinvigorated the spy genre but revamped the classic British gentleman’s wardrobe. The charge was led by men’s online style destination Mr Porter which partnered with costume designer Arianne Phillips and director Matthew Vaughn to create a bespoke and exclusive menswear brand, featuring glasses designed by Cutler and Gross.


Launched in September, 2017 the Kingsman agents were back in Kingsman: The Golden Circle with Eggsy (Taron Egerton, featured top) and Merlin (Mark Strong) travelling across the Atlantic to join forces with a US spy organisation named Statesman.

The casts’ wardrobe is bigger, bolder and even more stylish affair than the first film, with Cutler and Gross’ glasses  leading the charge. The film may have been out for a few months but its well worth a watch regardless of your interest in style, and for those who pay close attention to the details – it’s a treasure chest of how to dress well.