Leica M-D

Leica have extended their rangefinder camera series with a new model: the Leica M-D. It is the fifth product in the Leica M range, the Leica M-D joins the Leica M and M-P, the Leica M (Typ 262) and the Leica M Monochrom.

The Leica M-D is the first serial production model of the digital M family to be made without an LCD screen- replaced with an ISO sensitivity setting dial. The purpose is to focus entirely on the key parameters required for photography: shutter speed, aperture, distance and ISO sensitivity. Back to basics if you will.

The Leica M-D features a high resolution CMOS full-frame sensor, which has been designed exclusively for rangefinder photography, and supports neither video recording nor Live View. Its 24 megapixel resolution delivers exceptional RAW image quality and extreme sensitivity for low light situations.

As with all Leica cameras the design is functional and features characteristics such as a brass top plate with a ‘step’ at the end, referencing the design of the Leica M9. The Leica ‘red dot’ logo has been omitted from the front of the camera for discretion- although we aren’t sure that’s a good thing.

Available in a black paint finish from Leica stores and authorised Leica dealers in the UK in May 2016 for £4,650.