Montblanc – Great Characters The Beatles Edition Pens

Since 2009, Montblanc’s Great Characters series has been paying homage to those whose lives and work has truly made a lasting impact. For its latest instalment in the collection the German brand turned its attention to one of the most famous bands of all time, The Beatles.

The quartet of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr’s Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band s also considered to be one of most important and influential rock and roll albums ever. This was the design inspiration for the first item in the collection The Great Characters, The Beatles Special Edition, with its bright multi-coloured striped cap and barrel taken from the uniforms The Beatles wear on the album cover.


This design was achieved through a multi-colour stripe lacquering process that involves more than 10 different steps from treating the base metal before lacquering the five colours onto the metal tube. The shape of the cap top evokes a microphone and the cone resembles the button in the recording studio from the legendary Abbey Road sessions, while the clip features four moustaches, in a reference to some of The Beatles’ most famous portraits.

The Great Characters, The Beatles Limited Edition 1969 was inspired by another iconic album, Abbey Road. A silhouette of the four crossing Abbey Road can be found on the cap, as well as the peace symbol, and the metal inlay on the cap refers to the “LMW 28 IF” license plate of the VW that was depicted on the album’s cover. The Union Jack inlay on the barrel references the “Her Majesty” song featured on the record.


Finally,  for Great Characters, The Beatles Limited Edition 88, British culture and icons are the inspiration for the overlays on the cap, from the Union Jack symbol to The Beatles’ signatures and portraits. “Yeah Yeah Yeah” is a reference to the front page of the Daily Mirror’s 1964 headline announcing the arrival of the group in America.


Great Characters The Beatles Edition, by MONTBLANC

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