Porsche 911 BlueTooth Speaker

On the racetrack, the sound of the of the Porsche 911 GT3 exhaust sys- tem is unmistakable.

So is the tailpipe cover of the sports car, which is equally distinctive, and on the this speaker, is now more than just a functional element – it’s also a design feature.

Porsche Design has taken the imposing rear aspect of the 911 GT3 and used the original tailpipe cover as the main part of its new Bluetooth 911 Speaker.

The result is a piece of tech with power and sound as impressive as the roar of the Porsche’s German engine on the track, creating a speaker that’s a must have for music and sports car enthusiasts.


The eye-catching shape combined with the use of high-quality materials, such as the aluminium housing, give the Bluetooth speaker a great balance between form and function.

However, it is the performance of the 911 Speaker which is most impressive.

60-watt system output and apt-X technology ensure pure, natural bass and precise tones, and the easy-pairing function allows quick connection of the speaker to any mobile device or PC in no time with a 10 metre range, offering up to 24 hours of wireless CD-quality sound.

There’s also the option to synch two 911 Speakers for a state-of-the-art sound experience: stereo mode separates the left and right channels, whereas in party mode the two speakers produce the same stereo sound and fill the room continuously.


Overall, the new 911 Speaker recreates the class and design of the Porsche away from the road with its own technology, providing an impressive listening experience at home.

The 911 BlueTooth Speaker, £425, by PORSCHE DESIGN

Jack Lenton

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